Thursday, March 28, 2013

Counting Down to Easter

The eggs have been colored, the goodies (that I shouldn't be eating) are purchased and we are heading into Good Friday services.  I'll be serving tomorrow and over the three days of services at the church where I work we expect 6,000 worshippers.  There are Easter services all day Saturday and Sunday morning!
Spring refuses to come to the Upper Midwest this year so a cup of hot tea may be in order.  Granddaughter loves tea parties with me but prefers that I pour her hot cocoa.
To all of you who stopped by, I apologize for the pause since my last post.  I hope to be back in the swing my mid-April.  Happy Easter to you all!  He is Risen Indeed!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grama & Boppa

It was a job description that I never knew I would love so much, grandmother.  The first one arrived in January six years ago, a boy.  I did his daycare two days a week and rocked him to sleep then just sat there, held him and looked at him.  Perfect love sometimes doesn't come until the first grandchild goes the proverb.  It's true!  That little boy is the sweetest thing.  I have heard people say, "When you have grandchildren you can spoil 'em and send them home when you're done."  Send them home???  I wanted to KEEP him!  I lovingly call him my "Dude".
When that little angel boy was 27 months old he got a little sister!  I changed jobs and so the daycare option was gone.  Baby girl is my "Honey Bun" and she likes to come on Tuesday afternoon, (three hours is better than none) when Mama goes to work.   We play and read books while Dude likes to draw or play T-Rex running around and roaring.  "Honey Bun" likes to take 'tubbies' at my house  and she is an adorable little thing wrapped around me like a little Koala bear.  Tea parties and reading stories we have a very special snuggle time...until Mama comes back.
On President's Day I got a call from Dude asking, "Can I tell you some-ping?"  He asks that whenever he talks to us, but this time...'SOMEPING' was "We're going to have a new baby!"  Because I thought two was all the grandchildren I was going to get, I'd say I'm near giddy over the announcement!  This is as exciting as the FIRST time I heard the news, a new baby!  In the fall another bundle of love will arrive.

Paper craft is my go to craft; I'm trying to expand my horizons, Elizabeth Creative Breathing keeps challenging us with different ornament ideas and someday I may have more than cutting and glue sticking to my repertoire.  For now, the Mary Engelbreit calendars provide perfect graphics for this banner.  My two girls are best friends, an almond eyed angel born for me in Korea, our homemade baby look like these two girls telling secrets.  Our son, well, the Young Airman is working for Uncle Sam far away but if I can find some image of a boy with black hair (Asian eyes would be good) I could add him to my HOME banner too.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For the last month I have been working on Easter related services and volunteer opportunities for the church where I work.  It's such a great opportunity for people to serve and enjoy this season of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  Chicks and bunnies have nothing to do with it but this is a spring photo shoot.
 I got ready for to leave for work this morning, and then found a note from Mr. Wonderful that said, "Better not go, it's pretty deep."  So I looked out the window...
Then I decided to look out at the back yard and check the deck.  Umm, that's a lot of white out there!  I called work and found out that it's a SNOW DAY!  I barely remember them in grade school and have always had to go to work; when we have weather we compensate by leaving early for our offices.  Once my normal 40 minute commute became three hours when I worked downtown.  Now when I work one mile from my job, four minutes if I MISS the traffic lights, I get to stay home! 
Laundry, dishes, cleaning, putting away valentine decorations and now...let's pretend that Easter is coming and make something that looks more like spring than what is currently out my window!