Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to the '50's Car Show

We interrupt our regularly scheduled cartoon programming for a word from our sponsor...I mean blogger!

St. Paul, Minnesota hosts Back to the '50's, the nation's largest Street Rod and Classic Car Show every summer in June. This year 11,000 cars in every color of rainbow, with every type of flames and pinstripes, large, small and every possible size in between are shown by proud owners.  People walk for hours admiring chrome, color and unique names, upholstery and unique accessories.

See the license plate: '49 Mercury in code!  Trust me, this is not how this came off the factory assembly line.
Here's a cute little accessory over the headlight  

How about some blue flames for your Mini-van?  Go ahead, you know you want them!
Cute tail lights, big bumpers, nice ride.

Drive your dream, I do!  Tammy's in love!

We'll be back with more of your favorite cartoons real soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Victory Gardens

One of the most patriotic time periods in US history must surely have been during WWII. When I was working on my Saturday (Evening Post) Spinner and cutting old advertisements I read about buying War Bonds, I learned to save grease for the military, to ration sugar, and to take care of my car because I wouldn't be able to buy a new one until the factories finished their war contracts and went back to building cars.
People grew vegetables in their Victory Gardens as part of the war effort.   Gardening is my stress reducer; I love going out and watering the flowers, dead-heading and enjoying the burst of color on our deck, front porch and paver patio.
This old wash tub was in Little Grama's basement, I rescued it several years ago and it has had several jobs, none had anything to do with laundry!  If you fill it with ice, a Root Beer keg fits nicely for a graduation party!  This year it holds Bacopa and Geraniums, Grama's favorite flower, she called Geraniums 'stink plants' because when you take off the dried blooms they reek! 

My Victory Garden isn't a vegetable plot, but rather a patriotic display of red, white and blue blooms!  My son enlisted in the Air Force in 2002, that was the impetus to plant a patriotic display.  I didn't know the first year that I would be continuing to use the colors of the flag for the rest of my life!  It appears that our son is making a career of the military and as long as he serves, it's my pleasure to to honor his commitment this way.
I'm the Airman's Mom, that's why!