Thursday, June 7, 2012

Victory Gardens

One of the most patriotic time periods in US history must surely have been during WWII. When I was working on my Saturday (Evening Post) Spinner and cutting old advertisements I read about buying War Bonds, I learned to save grease for the military, to ration sugar, and to take care of my car because I wouldn't be able to buy a new one until the factories finished their war contracts and went back to building cars.
People grew vegetables in their Victory Gardens as part of the war effort.   Gardening is my stress reducer; I love going out and watering the flowers, dead-heading and enjoying the burst of color on our deck, front porch and paver patio.
This old wash tub was in Little Grama's basement, I rescued it several years ago and it has had several jobs, none had anything to do with laundry!  If you fill it with ice, a Root Beer keg fits nicely for a graduation party!  This year it holds Bacopa and Geraniums, Grama's favorite flower, she called Geraniums 'stink plants' because when you take off the dried blooms they reek! 

My Victory Garden isn't a vegetable plot, but rather a patriotic display of red, white and blue blooms!  My son enlisted in the Air Force in 2002, that was the impetus to plant a patriotic display.  I didn't know the first year that I would be continuing to use the colors of the flag for the rest of my life!  It appears that our son is making a career of the military and as long as he serves, it's my pleasure to to honor his commitment this way.
I'm the Airman's Mom, that's why!


  1. I love this post Tammy! It's great that you have your Grandma's wash tub to plant in...or serve Root Beer out of! Your R,W,&B flowers are so pretty. A BIG THANK YOU to your son, and thank you for being a military family!
    Erica :)

  2. Love the wash tub...especially knowing it was a family members. Your gardens are beautiful.

  3. I love love LOVE this post Tammy! I collect oodles and oodles of vintage printed tablecloths and towels, and all of my favorites are fruit and veggie themed, printed in the 1940s during war time as a reminder to families to keep their Victory Gardens tended. I love summer and always have my Americana out in full glory on the house, in the house and everywhere! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I salute your son! What a nice way for you to honor his service. Your flowers are so beautiful--love the washtub.


  5. Your red, white and blue garden flowers are just beautiful! I did that theme last year, so this year I switched to red, yellow and blue...

    I am loving Gramma's wash tub... A lady up the road from me has an old wringer washer in her pack yard filled with geraniums. Makes me smile every day I pass it.

    And hugs and kisses and a big THANK YOU to your Dear Son!!!

    p.s. tags mailed out today!

  6. I do love the pride of being an American. Your blooms are beautiful. I too hate the smell of geraniums and every night I circle the house to water and check all my plants. It is the quieting of my soul that I need....smiles...Renee
    PS I am going to put my list in the box...

  7. Very pretty! I am still searching for my own wash tub. I have wanted one for years!!

  8. Hi Tammy,
    Ah it is beautiful. I have been hunting one of those wash tubs and stands for years now and haven't found one for sale at the price I want to pay for it. I am patient and eventually I will find it! Just wanted to say from a proud Army Mom that I do love to display my red, white, and blue. Even though Eric is no longer serving, he did his time and duty to keep us safe. He was on the ground on missions for over 15 months fighting in Afghanistan that has left him permantely changed forever for service for his country. I pray for our soldiers and their families daily. If you do not have a loved one serving our country you can't fully realize what the soldier and his family gives up freely to keep our country safe and free!! God Bless the soldiers and their service!! May we never forget the honor and the debts that we owe them for all they do!!

  9. Hooray for the red white and blue. Your displays are great and I love the new banner.

  10. How fun is the vintage washer! Love how you put beautiful flowers in it! So pretty! Have a great day! xo Heather

  11. I wish I enjoyed gardening...but I do love to look at a beautiful display of flowers. I could put together an arrangement of red/white/blue faux flowers for the table on the's actually kinder for me to use fakes...I forget to water the real ones. lol! =D

  12. I love this post! I am a gonner for anything at all WWII. Petunias are my absolute favorite summer flower. If you didn't know, you can pick them with a little bit of stem, and they will remain in bloom for days and days in the house.
    I have just finished my first cartoon block and just love it. I chose Dennis the Menace. Too cute! Such a fun idea. I can't wait to see everyones favorite. Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  13. What a delightful red, white and blue header and post, Tammy! I have always been in love with all things patriotic! I traveled around the country for many years with my (now retired) Naval Officer hubby. I am so thankful to be living in this great country. Whenever, I feel discouraged...I just remember the things my son shared after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. We are truly blessed!
    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Warmest wishes,

  14. The red, white and blue garden is so pretty! I am happy that you show your patriotism. Look at all the fun your Grandma's washtub has been having since you took it on! It's so pretty. I love old laundry items!

  15. It's all so pretty, and what a nice way to honor your son's honorable profession! Love, love, love the washtub. laurie


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