Monday, August 6, 2012

Girly Stuff

A while back I told you my unique habit of reuniting separated pieces at the thrift store; candlesticks, creamers and sugars, cups and saucers all make their way into my cart while I 'drive' them up and down the isles looking for their lost mate.  I even did it with a vintage boxed Knickerbocker Raggedy Andy this week!  I walked up to a woman holding the boxed Raggedy Ann and said, "Oh!  There she is!"  She handed Ann to me and I confessed, that I was just putting them together.  She said, "Oh, I'll take him then, my sister loves Raggedy Ann."  

Two weeks ago I walked around at the thrift store looking for the mate for this little bone china creamer, I couldn't find the sugar so I placed it on the shelf where I put the loners.  On Friday I went on my weekly field trip and saw a sugar bowl,  picking it up I thought it looked familiar.  I walked to the loner shelf and low and behold!  The creamer from the first trip was the lost mate!  Into my cart they both go, together again, happily ever after. How many of you are now walking through your thrift store restoring couples to their original state?  I make pairs all the time regardless of wanting to buy them!
I think I have about six sets of these little creamer and sugar sets now.  I use them for High Tea parties but I'm thinking with this many of them I might need to think up a little display to put them out and look at them all for a while.  This is my first in the purple color scheme.  For $ 3.75 for the pair, would you leave them?

When it comes to decorating, I think I gravitate toward the softer side at least in the bedrooms.  This little leather coin purse belonged to 'Big Grama', that one was a school teacher.  I filled the purse with my favorite flowers.  I love the fragrance and the petite little bell flowers, the cake at our wedding was decorated with silk Lily of the Valley even though I was married in August, not May the month when they bloom.
Gloves are part of my ensemble when I wear vintage dresses and drive the '57.  Being a tall girl, my glove size is 7, not typical for the 5'2" average woman of the 1950s.  I frequently use gloves in vignettes to layer things on.
I love handbags and hats too, eat your heart out Bette Page, mine are really vintage! I picked up the little white purse (which had never been used) for $1.00 at a flea market a couple years ago.
Over the headboard, a collection of girly soft colors, 3D hydrangeas, a floral from the 1950s and a pastel toned plate are hung along with four Skeleton keys.  I love to look at these vintage pieces tucked here and there, connections with the past make me happy in the present.


  1. Oh, that's such a neat "mission!" I also love the gloves used as doilies. I'll have to do that!

  2. What pretty little goodies you have, and you've displayed them so nicely.


  3. Love the violets on your new cream & sugar set! That's so sweet that you find the matches for lonely items. I wonder if you keep track of how many 'matches' you've made?!

  4. Tammy I am having to redo my comments because my safari is acting up....I thought it was a rule that you had to reunite all cream and sugars, cups and saucers, book series etc. If it isn't it should be! Love seeing all your vignettes and goodies...smiles...Renee

  5. Very sweet violet C&S!!! Just today I was hunting for the cup for the saucer that I wanted to get...couldn't find it...maybe I'll go back later this week! I try to match stuff up too! I always "think" they come to the stores together and the workers split them up!
    Cool how you display your Grandma's coin purse.

  6. You have a good eye for what goes together. Your home is very pretty. =)

  7. Such the prettiest vignettes!! I would love looking at all those treasures, too!! xo Heather

  8. I love that you play the Match Game with little vintage things! And I think that buying the pair once you have put them together is the perfect reward for this little game of yours!
    All your little displays are so pretty. :)

  9. How nice that you reunite lost mates at the thrift stores. Your bedroom accessories are just lovely. Lily of the Valley is a favorite of mine too. Our wedding cake was also full of those flowers. My mother did the same thing at her own wedding 46 years ago. Hugs.

  10. Reunited and it feels so good
    Reunited cuz we understood
    There's one perfect fit and sugar this one is it
    We're both so excited cuz we're reunited, hey hey...

    Sorry, couldn't help myself to a little Tuesday morning disco song....

    Yep, do it all the time.. estate sales, thrift stores, yard sales, I will pair up clothes, shoes, creamers and sugars, glasses, dishes, doll clothes, you name, I will put them together again.

    Love your bedroom displays. Very pretty!

  11. Match Maker, Match new nickname for my Minnesota friend!!! Love the flowers in the purse!


  12. I'm pretty good at reuniting lost souls at the thrift. Other customers ususally assume I work there.

  13. LOL! I thought it was just me...but judging from the comments it must be one of the personality traits that bind us together! I will put items back together and maybe move them to a better shelf so they will stand a better chance of being seen by someone who was meant to find them. Such a sweet and thoughtful post. =D

  14. I do that too-it always makes me mad when things are separated at the thrift stores, so I feel it's my job to make it right. I love the gloves and hat display. I think the soft side of decorating is so pretty especially in a bedroom.The violet cream and sugar is such a pretty set!

  15. That's so funny, craftyles, I do that too -- rescue stuff and all. Fun!

  16. Hi Tammy; a reunite detective indeed. Thanks for finding my blog and following, I am following you right back. I used to think I could find the mates for all the unpaired cups and saucers but I finally gave up and donated the entire batch back to thrift stores so someone else could try.

  17. I love doing that! I found a big set of primrose fireking at a garage sale once. Every time I go to Goodwill I look for it's brothers and sisters!

  18. Happy Anniversary Tammy! I loved your post about getting your "High Maintenance" gift! I hope you have enjoyed your time with your son. It's so funny that so many of us have confiscated our children's old bedrooms for our craft rooms. I love your grandmother's coin purse. I remember mine had one as well. It seems you love for things to be paired as you are part of one yourself! Such a fun post. Elizabeth

  19. Love your mission to reunite those lost souls discarded at the thrift shop! Those purple beauties would look amazing filled with succulents all lined up down the center of your table for a tea party!


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