Monday, August 20, 2012

Not in a Million Years!

I was going to the Dollar Store in search of something for a craft project when I thought, I'll just run in to Good Will.  My first isle, I looked up and THERE IT WAS!  I haven't seriously even looked for the Friendship Large Red Bowl!  I mentioned it yesterday in the post about the Pyrex at the Flea Market as a joke.  I never thought I would find it!
Are you ever so shocked to see something that you stop in your tracks?  I approached, I looked, I saw the price tag and then I fainted!  I protected the bowl by falling on my head in a summersault position.  Then I looked underneath that shelf just to see if the others might be there too.  They were not there, probably because last April I had found the rest of them at a DIFFERENT thrift store!  
I took Big Red home and washed it up, there are a few light black scratches (almost like pencil lines) that didn't go through the paint but it's almost perfect.  I'm wondering if someone with a real case of Pyrexia will tell me what to try cleaning that with.
I told you I would show you my finds from the Gold Rush Flea Market in yesterday's episode:  here's one.  It's a $1.00 find, full skirted rosebud apron!  The colors are bright and it's like new, only better, 'cause it's old!  I don't suppose you know where I could get a big red bowl to do some mixing when I don it, do you?  Oh!  it's right here!
The price for this red Cinderella, and I'm still in shock:  $ 4.99!


  1. $4.99 is a great price. How nice to have the whole set. I got one as a wedding present but they broke from use. I would try rubbing the marks with baking soda.

  2. "I LOVE THOSE STORIES"!!! The kind with such excitement we smile till our jaw aches..."I (((LOVE IT)))"! AND just LOOK at that happy reunion! It looks NEW...Love your apron too...
    "Ahhh, Life is Good"!!!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  3. OH Pyrex envy here! I have the friendship casserole's..3 at an auction for $6.00 but no friendship bowls! actually, that is the only thing in your picture I don't have! have the canisters, the towel. Such excellent taste you have. Congrats on that find!

  4. GET OUT!!! I'm so happy for you! What are the chances?
    Seriously? OK, go to Menards and get some "Bar Keepers Friend". That's what takes out all the dark lines on Pyrex. It's like magic!
    I can't believe you found it for $4.99. When you said the other day that you wanted to spend around $4.00 I thought "yeah right"! (just being honest)
    Erica :)

  5. Why can't I find exactly what I'm looking for just by thinking about it? It was waiting for you to take it home. Such a deal too!!

  6. Oh you lucky girl!! It's Karma I say!! You wished it yesterday and it came true!!


  7. perfect for you. A full set and so great at that! Smiles...Renee

  8. It was just waiting for you. You lucky lucky lady. Time to put on the apron and whip up something special with your special Pyrex.

  9. Oh WWWWOOOWWW. That is just so cool!! I am so glad that you decided to go to that Goodwill at that time. The price is good.

  10. Sounds like you put it out there and the universe responded ... and quite promptly! Congrats on your great score and terrific story.

  11. Lucky you!! Such great finds and deals my friend!! That apron is so beautiful!! xo Heather

  12. Hello my dear friend, how are you?!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am very happy when I see his comments.
    Wow, this is beautiful dishes!!
    Unfortunately here in Brazil, these bargains are very expensive, and not so easily found here ... do not have this culture of "garage sale", and I would love if it had.
    Honey, come visit me always, ok?
    I apologize for the absence, but I'm not even time.
    A big hug and God bless.

  13. SCORE! My dear niece has Pyrexia something terrible. I hear there is no cure! Love the apron and the bowl, you never know what you are going to find do you???



  14. That's what keeps us going back. Even if it's slim pickins for months and than you get a score like that beautiful bowl-you'll be back. I think I've gotta go today-you got me in the mood! Great find on the apron too. You did good!

  15. Every time my daughter moves, I curse her love of Pyrex...because it has to be wrapped "just so!" Seriously...isn't Life the the best when she hands you your heart's desire out of the blue? I have the refrigerator dishes and a set of mixing bowls. I would collect more, but I have soooooo many other things I want as well. =D

  16. Oh wow! What a steal!! And soo very exciting! LOVE your new "old" apron, its darling! I haven't been to Goodwill in a while, I'm thinking a trip is in the near future! :) Smiles, Holly

  17. Hello Ms. Tammy,

    Wow, what a great bowl! I have my moms pyrex bowls from the 50's. The big yellow one, and red, green and blue! I would try lightly rubbing the marks with baking soda. Wet the bowl first, or just make a paste with the baking soda and water. Hope this helps! I have to tell you, that every time I visit your blog, for several hours afterwards, I have the song in my head "Tammy's in Love". by Debbie Reynolds LOL!!!
    LOve it!


  18. Yeah for you!!! If you wait long enough, you will find the things you are looking for. It's so much fun when you do, isn't it?

  19. As mom would say - Good things come to those who wait.

  20. My goodness, you have a great Goodwill Store! And that apron is adorable.

  21. Great find! Use a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser on the scratches. I sell vintage and that is my magic wand! It can make dirty old melamine look new and takes a lot of the more superficial marks out of Pyrex, pottery, etc. Good luck and happy thrifting!

  22. Hi again, Tammy~
    Thanks for visiting me, I've been wanting to send you a little something, it has your name on it! If you email me your mailing address, I will send it to you! :-)
    Have a good weekend,

  23. LOLing at you dropping on your head to protect the pyrex - that's a true thrifter for ya. It's gorgeous and am I ever jealous of the price.

  24. Well done, Tammy! It was there JUST FOR YOU! Love that you found it--I'm always so thrilled when I find something I love...and I'm just as thrilled when someone else does, too!

    Wishing you a beautiful Pyrex baking day with your beautiful "new" apron!


  25. That is amazing, don't you just love how things just fall right in front of your face at the Thrift Shop! Great Score and hey about that share of the wealth card for vintage candle holders, I am willing to share some. Give me your address... I love to share~ Hugs, Diane

  26. Hi Tammy! How you doing? I am excited to see your big Red bowl!! Wasn't that the most awesome feeling to discover that bowl! I think this set looks wonderful! I am out visiting my favorite blogs today. I want to thank you for visiting my recent post and your sweet words for me. I am still breaking form blogging, but just couldn't hardly take not getting out her for a visit! I had found that Bar Keepers Friend works great on black marks and scratches. I put it on an old dull painted Pyrex bowl and it helped so much with the color and buffing out an scratches. It is my cleaner of choice for so many things! I love it! The key for me is to just make a slightly wet paste and rub it around with my hands and fingers. I like that best. But a sponge works too. I really hope to start blogging again, but have not been getting better too quickly. I am seeing another Dr on Tuesday and hoping he has some answers for me. Until then, I have a cane and am just hanging out. I miss you all. PS Sweet apron, too!

  27. Huge Pyrex lover here!!! Great find! Score!!!


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