Thursday, August 2, 2012

Known by my Heart

I can't resist these little couples when I find them at the thrift store!
August 5th, 1978 I married my beloved and my friend in a beautiful old chapel with stained glass windows and marble walls and bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing pastel green gowns and tuxes (it was the '70s, OK?!)  The picture on the right was taken on our honeymoon, the one next to it was taken six years later with our first two children!

The day of the wedding dawned clear and we were relieved because the photos were being taken inside and outside on the beautiful campus of Northwestern College in St. Paul. The Christian college where we met  was once a seminary for Catholic priests, situated on a secluded wooded campus with a lake, the chapel was a beautiful setting for our vows.
My mother's wedding pearls hang on the angel tree topper
 My wedding gown was sleeveless, which was a blessing.  The temperature went to the upper 80s on that day and there wasn't any air conditioning in the historic campus building where we dressed or in the chapel.  
Little Grampa had an Old Spice bottle like this, I combed antique stores to find it!
Mr. Wonderful was, and still is, the man of my dreams.  He was silly and could make me laugh, he was a believer, he was tall (I am 5' 9"!), I wanted to spend my life with him and he was heading to seminary in another state after finishing his undergrad!  I didn't want him to go without me and so I got married when I was not quite 21.  As I tell my daughters now, "I would ALWAYS marry Daddy, I wouldn't get married that young!"  Daughter number one married at 22, daughter number two is 26 and still single.  Good listeners!
Our wedding garters are in the vintage planter, his is the black and white one complete with ball and chain, mine is barely blue anymore.  The cake topper sits in the middle of the table and the silver album on the left is filled with the story of our first 25 years, my husband created it for our silver anniversary nine years ago.

I hear the cottonwoods whisperin' above,
Tammy, Tammy, Tammy's in love.

The ushers escorted our two mothers down the isle to that organ tune at our wedding ceremony.  A friend told me at the reception, "I heard that song and started to cry!"  Thirty four years later, and I'm still in love.

Stay tuned for part two...


  1. awww that's so nice :) love the little brides and grooms

  2. Precious. I never saw anything like that.

  3. How sweet is this post. Happy Anniversary. Your old time photos are just precious. Your children are beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a nice post. I love you justifying the pale green tuxes. With ruffled shirts? LOL! Wishing you many more years of happiness with your hubby.

  5. Tammy, that is such a wonderful story. It is so good to be in love! Happy Anniversary! love all your pictures.
    Bless you both,

  6. I'm so glad that you're in love! If you happen to know of someone that I can fall in love with, please send him my way. My requirements are few nowadays...He just can't show up in a pastel green tux!
    Erica :)

  7. Beautiful post and what a true love!! Happy Anniversary sweet friend!! Love the photos!! xo Heather

  8. Sweet story!! Happy Anniversary!

  9. True love! Happy Anniversary, and a lovely post :) :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly

  10. Tammy Doll! Happy Anniversary! Pale green tuxes??? That's okay, it was the 70's! My Bridesmaids wore light blue dotted swiss dresses. I bet they hated me!

  11. Tammy, You should write a book. I love every word of your beautiful story along with the cute vignettes. Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband!

  12. Awwwww. that is so heartwarming, especially in today's world! Congrats to you & the Mister, Tammy.

    PS: We are 32 years and counting :) May 31, 1980 :) I too was 21. . . my how times have changed!

    xo Have a lovely weekend!


  13. So sweet! Ain't love grand? Congratulations on your anniversary!!!

  14. George and I were 20...just babies really. Every one in the mid 70s was doing the pastel tuxes that matched the bridesmaids dresses. Except "I" had to have red and white with black wrought iron. Because of that I had to sew all my bridesmaids dresses. They were red/white gingham in a long country style with floppy hats. I've never been able to march in tune with the times. I was so happy to read this wonderful post...what a tribute to the love of your life! =D

  15. Happy Anniversary Tammy! What a sweet story! Isn't it fun to be in love and married to your best friend?

    Hugs chris

  16. Although it took me till I was 38 to find my true love, I would definitely remarry him over and over again.

    Happy, happy anniversary sweet lady. May you two lovebirds sing together for many, many more years.

    Love ya'

  17. I have been humming, "Tammy's in love," all day long. =)

    Happy anniversary to you both. =)


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