Thursday, November 15, 2012

In the Playroom...again!

Once upon a time there was craftroom, full of binders of vintage greeting cards and file folders of  calendar pages saved for years.  Next to that are tablets of scrapbooking paper and gluesticks and all kinds of garnishes.
I went into that room about a month ago, I started cutting and gluing and then all of a sudden, there were stacks of vintage redesigned cards for Christmas.  When there was an October Afternoon Warehouse Sale I found all kinds of new papers in adorable prints and embellishments to design with.
I played with paper and I took pictures that I wanted to show you!  But my laptop went on the fritz and Mr. Wonderful tried and tried and tried.  He put in a new part to connect to the network, he pointed in time (my words), he backed up the files on an external hard drive and then when he went to reload it all, IT DIED.  Insert the playing of "Taps".  This is not a good time for a computer to die (is it ever?).
I went to my blogs on HIS laptop and I replied to your emails but I couldn't POST!  My pictures needed to go in the file in MY laptop.  I was waiting, I thought I'd be right back to show you.  Instead, the piles of creations kept growing and I had lots of fun and now there are soooo many pictures!
 I was being very good, making sure I will be on the 'NICE' list.
 Because Santa Claus IS coming to town
Oh, here he is again; he brought the good news that 100 Followers happened and as promised, drawing for the goodies from October Afternoon will be going to:
Renee of My Vintage Mending
Thank you all for your comments and for your friendship!  I didn't start this to collect followers, I started it to find friends, and I have!


  1. You are reminding me it's time to back up my pictures again. I'm still envious of your October Afternoon Warehouse Sale! All those amazing embellishments mixed with your creative talents.

  2. What a lot of crafty goodness there for us to enjoy looking at over and over again to see all the sweet details! Yum! Congratulations to Renee! Glad you're back up and running again - and know you are too!
    xoxo Jane

  3. So beautiful are all of your vintage cards!! Glad your computer is working again! Have a great night! Yay, for Renee!! xo Heather

  4. Love all of your creations!! Especially your Santa!! Congratulations to Renee, I'm sure she'll do great things with the papers!! Isn't it nice to havce your laptop up and running again??

    Hugs Chris

  5. Get out...I can't stand the idea of losing files. We lost so many about six years ago I went straight to an apple. Now I backup everything...I adore your creations and can't wait to see all you have done and oh some are coming to me...yeah...smiles..Renee

  6. Congrats on 100 followers. Tammy, you've been a busy little elf. Your banners and papers things look like a Christmas fairyland. So sorry about the darn computer. I went through something like that a few months ago. SO frustrating. Good luck on that. Congrats to Renee-lucky girl.

  7. What a fun blog. It's always fun to make new friends in the land of blog. I am a Once upon a time girl with a curl. My name is Jacqueline and I blog at I grew up at a place called Once Upon a Fairyland that my dad built. You might like my blog if you have time for a visit.
    I am also a vintage doll and toy dealer and I love Tammy and Liddle Kiddles and anything from the 50's-70's. I love dogs, gnomes and elves and anything whimsical, storybook homes and anything cute!
    Nice to meet you. I saw you on Meri's blog and decided to visit.
    In kindness,

  8. Look at all of your wonderful creations! So much eye candy! They sure made things great years back!

  9. Wow, Tammy! You sure have been busy crafting! They are so pretty! Renee is going to be so happy!!! Yay, Renee! I am so sorry you had computer problem, it is always a bad time, you are right. But You are a good girl and I believe Santa will keep you on his nice list. You are such a very nice blog buddy!!!
    Bless you dear girl,

  10. Oh no losing files is never fun! In fact disappointing, isn't it!? Oh my goodness your cards are beautiful!! :) Love all your crafty prettiness!! Hope you have a great and creative weekend! xo Holly

  11. I am sorry about the computer....I am just thankful that everyday mine starts up! I do pay an outside service to back it ALL up once a day...just in case, I had an external go had all of my genealogy photos on it! But thank the good Lord, I had backed it up to another spot. Your banners are so cute!!!!! PLEASE, next time I come can we craft? I just don't have the ability to layer like this!!!! Maybe if I saw it being done.....:)

  12. You have been a very busy girl! Look at all that vintagy, Christmasy, goodness! Tags Galore! Congratulations Renee!!!

  13. So sorry about your computer. I have had mine crash twice :( I love all of your paper crafting. I love the flags. These are the BEST! Glad you are up and computing again. Have a great weekend, Holly

  14. Well haven't you been the busy little bee. My goodness, you're doin' enough crafting for all of us....LOL

    I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I'm hopin' to get those tags done. I love all your vintage Christmas goodies.

    Love ya'

  15. So sorry to hear about all your troubles with your computer. I am in aw seeing all the vintage crafting goodness. Congrats to Renee.

  16. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your computer woes! I adore the darling pennants.

  17. Congratulations on 100 Followers! Oh my gosh are all your paper projects wonderful. I especially love the ME Santa banner. I wanted to tell you I peeked into your ornament box again and was so surprised to see something alongside the boxes. Tammy, you are so sweet! I had to run and show my husband my Place for Diet Pepsi To Be coaster. What a smile! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones.! Elizabeth

  18. Oh my gosh your Christmas tags are just fab! I especially like the retro looking ones and the ones that you use old cards with. Wow Wow Wow!!!

  19. Cute as can be!!! Your post is filled with memories from my 50s childhood. I love the whimsy and innocence all rolled into one.
    I can't wait to visit each swap pal's blog!
    Blessings an a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Carolynn xo

  20. I just love your creations. They are so cute! So sorry to hear of the computer woes. I know how frustrating it is.


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