Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jingle all the Way!

During the summer months this Hot Wheels lighted piece rotates the little car on the pedestal while carefully positioned in the huge back window of MY 1957 Chevy.  At Christmas it joins 40 or so other lighted village pieces in my Christma-tized house.
 This metal tree has tags and small ornaments hung on it in my craft room.  I put the small gifts from Elizabeth under this tree for future paper craft garnishes.  The little wooden figure is standing on a spigot handle; mixing oddities together makes me smile.
"Thank you, Tinsel, for making my carpet look like I have an aluminum dog."  Jimmy Kimmel
Here's the 4' (formerly bare) metal tree now fully adorned in silver garland and arrayed in 100% vintage!  The Little Bo Peep ornament came from Linda at LBP Sews, I call her Bo,  Little Bo Peep aka LBP Sews!
Our Dept. 56 suburbs are positioned in every available corner that Mr. Wonderful can capture at Christmastime.  The North Pole Village Pet Shop is surrounded by Hallmark Frosty Friends ornaments.  We bought our first Frosty Friends ornament in 1980, now 31 years later, it's been around as long as the baby we got from Korea in 1981.  We thought the little girl looked like our anticipated baby.  Who knew they would keep making it so long!
I made this passport from an advertisement that FIAT sent in the mail.  It had a red cover and several pages of ads, I added new paper pages, rub ons of foreign countries and used a time/date stamp to put Dec. 24 and 25 on each page.  Santa's picture and NOEL# were on the first page.  I punched a hole to hang the Passport on the tree for the grandkids to enjoy.
Baking together, my littlest Peanut was singing Away in a Manger very softly as I rolled and we cut out cookies.  I started singing with her and she looked up and said, "Could you hear that?"  Yup, that was my heart melting!   Magic memories being made here!


  1. My heart is happy for you. Christmas magic is in your very special house. Hugs.

  2. Oh, this is so sweet, are blessed!

  3. Such sweet memories. SOunds like Christmas was wonderful for you. All in all it was a good one here as well. On to the new year......hoping it's full of wonderment.

  4. I love the toy car Christmas display. So fun. I love the unexpected like the faucet handle too.

  5. What a adorable picture of them looking at the oven in anticipation! Looks like a Very Merry Christmas

  6. I miss my little children at Christmas...they aren't as much fun as adults. But it's sweet to see my Big German Baby being so tender with his little girls. He's like a big cuddly and sweet. Your home looks so festive and fun...I'm busy plotting the tear-down of mine...the pink and silver bedroom is no more until next year. I should post the Cars Land Christmas pics in honor of your toy car display. =D

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Such delightful holiday decorations, and wonderful new Christmas memories too. Little children always add special meaning to everything. Blessings to you and your family for the coming New Year!

  8. Hi Tammy,
    It sounds like a wonderful holiday for you and yours, the photo of the little ones staring into the oven is priceless! Happy New Year my friend....I am sending a little something your way this week just screamed "Tammy" to me! :)

  9. Hoping you had the merriest of Christmases! I love that photo of your grandkids looking into the stove! I have one similar of Yngwie watching the turkey bake and it make me giggle every time I see it!



  10. All the wonderful memories that our Christmas treasures stir are part of the beauty that unfold this time of year. I love the little babies peeking into the oven window! What a joy! So pleased you have been blessed this Christmas.
    Happy New Year,

  11. Little ones sure do make Christmas special. Such a sweet photo of them checking on the cookies. :) And what a fabulous Christmas display you've got going on there. Happy holidays! Tammy

  12. Hi Tammy,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Love your little villages, and the little people are so darling! Your little peanuts look so cute waiting for the cookies to be done! Sweet memories!


  13. year I'm asking Santa if I can come to your house to play! Very cute and magical charm.
    Happy New Year to my newest blog pal! I hope it's wonderful and full of love and fun times for us all!


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