Monday, December 10, 2012

Blessed Among Women

A week ago today the mail started coming.  The email poured in, the doorbell rang heralding deliveries from afar.  A community of friends praying and calling others to pray  surrounded me.  I am honestly speechless...
I will tell you more about the 'what' in April when the month for Breast Cancer Awareness comes around.  Let's just say, I have been through this 'two-fer' deal at age 29 so imagine my shock to find a lump where none was expected.    This adorable Scrabble vignette (and so many other goodies) arrived from Kim K, the Musing Mama.
These beautiful multicolored tulips came from my "California Girl", Chris at Perfectly Printed, there are THREE DOZEN of them!  This vase is in my bedroom, another graced the dining room.  Can you say Shock and Awe?  Whodda thunk I'd get flowers from Imaginary Friends?  Not me!
Also in the bedroom, this absolutely cute as cute can be box from Kim.  One line of the verse reads, "Let me catch my breath".  Look at the glitter!  Who wouldn't be cheered up?
I made this  Santa wall hanging last Christmas, I really am CHECKING IT TWICE.  Because there was more.  More pix next post, I know that you are all jealous seeing this much! I have never received so great an outpouring of love, support and friendship as in the last week! 
From Erica, Golden Egg Vintage, ornaments for my wreath and some to spare for the tinsel tree!  Is there anything as sweet as seeing yourself in the reflection of a Shiny Brite?
Renee over at My Vintage Mending sent this Little Golden Book for my collection.  It's one I had NEVER seen before!  Super sweet in this display with the 'Nativity Play' characters!  Diversions from all over the country just kept coming in the mail...
The last surprise I wanted to show you from Erica when we had our craft-a-thon; a vintage Tammy Coloring Book!  My Mom saw this in my craft room and said, "Why didn't we ever have any of those?"  I had a Tammy doll and lots of her togs but not the fun coloring books!  There were several of them, I Googled!

I am SO grateful, mostly for your prayers and support in a tough time, but also for the OUTPOURING of friendship gifts and positive reinforcement.  The lump was BENIGN.  I am BLESSED AMONG WOMEN and like Mary, the mother of Jesus, I will treasure all of these things in my heart for a very long time.   
Your Imaginary Friend,


  1. Your imaginary friends love you dearly. I can't think of a better gift than to read the words benign. Continued blessings, dear Tammy.

  2. You could never be from my imagination......I don't create that amazingly!

    God Bless and lot's of love,

  3. Aw...this brought tears to my eyes, Tammy! I could not be happier for you...and it's been so nice meeting with you in person, too!

  4. So sweet! So happy you got all those lovely things! Hope your doing better! :) Have a wonderful day and hope its full of Christmas cheer! xo Holly

  5. You are such a dear quirky and funny! It's no wonder that we love you!
    As a charter member of AIF...the Association of Imaginary Friends...may I say that you deserve all the good things of the Christmas Season and for all the coming years. XXXOOO

  6. Three cheers for BENIGN and a friend like YOU!!!
    Erica :)

  7. Imaginary?? I think not, my dear! So very happy to hear this news!!

    xox with love from another REAL Friend :) xoxoxoxo


  8. Such good news. A good medical report and friends that care alot.......those are true blessings.

  9. Such wonderful news and a true blessing!! So happy for you Tammy!! Lovely and special gifts!! You deserve them all!! xo Heather

  10. Somehow I missed the post about the lump....that is great news and you certainly rec'd many lovely gifts. We are not imaginary friends thou, because we have been together a couple of times!!

  11. Oh Tammy, imaginary or not friends take care of each other when they're not feeling well or worried! So happy to know your on the mend and your news was good!

    Hugs chris

  12. If you have your health and good friends, you are indeed lucky. Add some great gifts and it's even better.

  13. Because we love our Tammy Girl!!! I am so glad your surgery is over and everything is going to be okay!



  14. Breathing a sigh of relief for you. Wonderful gifts and friends. I'm so happy for you!

  15. Blogging friends I have come to learn are true and generous. Keep healing..smiles..Renee

  16. So happy to hear your you received a good report. Great gifts too.

  17. Oh wow! You are truly blessed to have such an outpouring of love in this wonderful blogging community, and truly blessed to learn that your lump was benign. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful treasures and this inspiring story.

  18. Tammy, I add my prayers with everyone else how thankful we are that you are well. The best Christmas news ever! E

  19. Dear Tammy, I am so glad to hear that you are okay. My boss's wife recently had a lumpectomy for a small cancerous tumor. She is now doing 45 days of localized radiation and is doing well. He was literally a zombie for nearly a month when they first found out. Sending warm wishes and hugs your way, Tammy

  20. Praising Jesus for your health!

    Your decor is completely and utterly enchanting!

    You are such a clever and creative elf.

    Have a holly jolly day!

  21. I guess I have been away from blogging for awhile, because I missed the post about the lump. But I am so glad to hear your good news. You are truly blessed to have had such an outpouring of love.


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