Friday, November 23, 2012

Prettiest Decorated House...

On the Whole Block!  Fibber McGee and Molly had a Christmas radio show where the classic comedy team had a bet that the first person viewing their Christmas lights would say, "You got the prettiest decorated house on the whole block!" 
Imagine my delight when I opened a package from Shirley Zetta's Aprons to find this pretty little Christmas cottage complete with candy, glitter and the sweetest details in each and every little nook!  I have 'the prettiest decorated house on the WHOLE block!'
Shirley sent 'incentives to craft', I mean sweet treats in the adorable specially made Santa treat box!  A vintage Christmas card, a candy striped Snowman made me so happy!  Look at the sugar cone tree!  Not missing a detail, Shirley sent a flameless candle to light up my house too!
The sweetest gift from a very sweet gal!
Tammy's in Love...Again!


  1. I can't get enough little houses. Super sweet details. I can't wait to see more decorations. Your new blog header is adorable.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. A little birdie told me that you would be getting that house! It's darling, and Shirley is so kind!
    SEE you soon! :)

  3. That is so cute! I love little houses. And I love your new blog header too.

  4. What a wonderful Gingerbread House!! Such a lucky girl!!! Isn't Shirley a doll?

    Hugs chris

  5. Such a cute and charming Gingerbread House!! Love all your pretties you got!! And I'm really liking your header picture of that old vintage car with Santa! So cute Tammy!! :) Have a wonderful and crafty weekend!! xo Holly

  6. You lucky girl! What a sweet surprise and just the cutest full of detail. I really like that car in your header, it's so cute on the snow:-)

  7. I love your gingerbread house. It was a fun swap.
    Love your new banner as well.

  8. How adorable, and how lucky you are. Well, I've been trying to mail these tags to you since Wednesday, and our mail carrier isn't cooperating. She's passed me over twice now, so I'm giving it a go again today, but they might not get mailed off till next week.


  9. Such a sweet gift and I adore Shirley's house!! Too pretty! Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Tammy! xo Heather

  10. Hi there Tammy! You did get a very pretty house in the swap! Shirley sure did a great job on the cuteness scale!! Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed!

  11. Your house is so cute. I am loving seeing everyone houses. Shirley is so talented
    she has done a wonderful job I love all the details.

  12. Oh Tammy! It's just wonderful! Shirley has such a way with her creations. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the "E" Santa mug and treats your have sent me. You have made this gift so personal to me, I am quite moved by this. I am posting photos today along with our ornaments. Enjoy your weekend! Elizabeth

  13. I was Shirley's swap partner for the Putz house swap, so I too have the prettiest house on the block! Extra kind of Shirley to make one for you! Aren't the blogging friends the best!!!
    Heard that Erica and you are crafting soon! Exciting! Can't wait to see what you'll be making.

  14. Definitely the cutest house on the block! I'm been visiting blogs all day, and I've seen so many cute little Christmas houses that I think I'm heading to Hobby Lobby first thing tomorrow, and grab me a paper mache house to transform too!

  15. Beautiful gift from Shirley-the house is the sweetest thing ever! Also love your new header with the car. It's so you!

  16. Good Monday morning to you Tammy!

    I find life so whimsical and odd at the same time. This weekend I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and there on the counter was a book Fibber McGee. I smiled at a long ago memory of my mom talking about Fibber McGee and how magical the story was. I have never seen it before anywhere and then there it sat not for sale in the Salvation Army. And then, the magic continues as I come here and you are talking about it.
    Golly, this not mistake, you and I were suppose to be blog friends. I love it when this kind of stuff happens!
    Happy to travel in the same sleigh all the way through Christmas with you!

  17. I love that house!!! May I move in??? That tree is just awesome! I have "met" the most talented ladies ever through our blogs!



  18. The house is adorable! What a sweet surprise. Very nice!!!


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