Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Put Your Thinking Caps On

No one in our house has gone to school the day after Labor Day for a long while but I still love to think about those 'First Day' memories and photos before taking the bus to a new grade. A few of Big Grama's primers in a pile with a folding yardstick.  In the background, first day of kindergarten for #3!
I just love school supplies, new pencils and backpacks and notebook paper and learning new stuff!  With three kids I had a huge collection of colored pencils in various states of use.  One nearly new set went to grandson to color with;  even after making this 8x10 art piece, there is still a bag of leftovers!


  1. I think it's for carrying things, like you said. Eggs, apples, potatoes, tomatoes...It's cute!

  2. I agree with Amy....for carry Nana Patz had something similar and she called it her egg gathering apron.....Too fun!!


  3. Whoa! I thought I had the wrong blog at first when I saw the new header. It is super cool! My grandmother used to hitch up her apron to carry things -anything at all that needed carrying - multi purpose.

  4. That pencil art is so cute. My boys started school yesterday and since I started back to work on the 26th, my days have been go, go, go. Makes me a bit grumpy when I don't have time to do fun stuff. That apron is definitely for carrying things in from the garden or the hen house. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  5. Hmmm maybe it is just a cute little bag, for carrying all sorts! Clothespins, eggs, sticks? I don't know but its darling! :) OOOh my I get so excited for school supplies too! ahhh it's just so exciting! No one in our house needs them right now but I was thinking about getting a few just because :) :) xo Holly

  6. It's for exactly what you think it's for......collecting and holding...whatever! It's very cute, too.


  7. It's just darling. How fun to think about what goodies could be carried in it.

  8. Wonderful back-to-school memories! Love that apron, too--definitely for egg-gathering, I would say! Whatever it is, it's adorable--great find!

    Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


  9. What a great idea!? Why didn't I think of that? I love school supplies too! Dear son is in college and all he needs is a notebook and a pen! (along with $$$$$$$ and his laptop) Who is the cute little girl in the photo in the background?



  10. This is a bonnet apron. Once buttoned it makes a bonnet. I found one a while back and Miss Lori of Bee in my Bonnet filled me on this. Although I would recommend you use it for anything you like....smiles...Renee

  11. Haaaa! I thought...I bet Renee will know! Go figure!
    Put on your BONNET Tammy! It's too cute! haha
    Love your pencil art too :)

  12. I love the colored pencil picture - great idea!

    I don't know what the bag is but immediately I recognized that pattern, I used to have a quilt made of the very same material...

  13. What a sweet apron,a nd would never have guessed as Renee said, a bonnet!! So fun! xo Heather

  14. Love your pencil art piece - very unusual! I have just discovered your blog and am sending best wishes from Scotland
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger.

  15. Hi Tammy, I think this is for a walker. My mother-in-law had something very similar she used on hers.
    Loved your flea market use post. Lots of great ideas!
    Your new header is perfectly perfect for you! My husband and I will be going to a car show this evening. It will make me think of you, I know!
    I have left a space for you in my Christmas Whitmans Sample Box Ornament Swap if you would like to participate. Too busy, not a worry at all. Just let me know.
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Elizabeth

  16. Tammy, That is exactly what I was thinking for eggs and clothespins! This is a great design, exactly what I need! I love to use an apron, and I pick up the bottom and hold it together with my left while I feel it with eggs from my hens with my right! I keep thinking i need to get off my but and make an apron with a big pocket. This would be so practical to have down when you want it down, and up when you want it up. I wonder how strong the snaps would hold a few more eggs is there? You sure got a pretty cute apron there! I have always loved shopping for school and I personally loved my first days of school. love the art! You are such a good grandma.

    1. I guess I should spell check my comments! I just looked at my comment and boy! Read through the others, and a bonnet? Okay, I can see that now!

  17. It's a mommy's helper! Moms always need an extra hand, or pocket, right? Love the back to school art!

  18. hmm I was thinking of it going onto the side of a crib to hold little things like pins for the baby. It could have gone anywhere and it looks kitcheny too. Whatever it is, its very pretty. I love all the vintage shopping you did this summer, I can shop through your photos. I didn't get to do anything this summer like that, miss it. Have fun day.

  19. Tammy, What a cute school vignette. Who cares if you have any kids in school or not. No reason to miss out on the back to school fun! I haven't a clue on the quilted thingie. It sure is cute though!


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