Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two by Two

Dinner for two?  The children are all gone and my sets of dishes now have grown by twos. When I see a pattern that I like at the thrift store, I pick up two, one for Mr. Wonderful and one for me.
This pattern is called English Cottage; I love the muted colors of the stoneware for some fall comfort food:  meatloaf,  acorn squash and baked potatoes with sour cream, grated cheese and bacon garnish.
When I spied this plate I ricocheted back to childhood, my Mom bought these dishes at Red Owl grocery store; we had meals on this pattern called Blue Heaven.  For $ 1.30 for the pair I can step back to 1965 and suppers that included fried parsnips (YUK!)  roast beef and pop-overs (YUM!)
I love this set, especially at this time of the year!  Apples on these Franciscan beauties are perfect for our September dinner table.  Yes, there are two of them, that's all, just a couple, same price $ 1. 30 for the pair.
Last year at the Gold Rush Flea Market I picked up this set of Swanky Swigs and the carrier for $ 12.00!  The paint is a bit dried, maybe someone who collects them can tell me how to refresh it.  I tried rubbing some lemon oil into it but no effect.
Since I'm showing you apples; here are a couple more.  This set is called Gay Fad, I picked the sugar and creamer up because they matched Little Grama's cookie jar.
The turquoise Fiesta belonged to my Great Grandmother, she gave them to me when I was 4 years old!  I've been in love with dishes ever since!  Eight plates and saucers, no cups!  On a vintage tablecloth I can't help but smile when I pass my dining room with these dishes on the table.  I think dishes are my weakness but I only add them in twos nowadays!


  1. You have some very pretty dishes Miss Tammy! Oh my goodness dishes and vintage linens are totally my weakness too! It's just so hard to leave them behind! haha. And of course when they are just so pretty! Luke and I for our wedding shower received a set of 4 place settings of a light yellow Fiesta, I really like those too! Have a great day hugs, Holly

  2. What a lovely idea, getting just 2 of each so you can set a different table whenever you want! My mother collected sets from the grocery stores and the banks - it would be like 19 cents a piece if you bought $5. worth of groceries! What fun! Can you imagine buying $5. worth of groceries now? I'm still giving away some of the sets!
    xoxo Jane

  3. Yuck to fried parsnips????? I adore fried parsnips!! My mom made them all the time and I make them once in a while now, too. My mom used to julienne cut them and fry them up in a pan, but I shave them with a potato peeler and deep fry them.........oh goodness are they amazing as chips!

    Your dishes are adorable, and I think it's just about the sweetest tradition to buy just one for you and one for hubby.......adorable.

    Love ya'

  4. Skip the parsnips. Where are the dessert plates? Ph, and the pudding bowls?

  5. Tammy, you have the best dishes! I think it is so neat that you can collect them in twos! Great idea, and easier to store! I smiled really big when I saw your little porcelain deer fawn! I remember my Dad bought one like it for me when I was a little girl. I loved it and displayed it on my dresser! I started making vignettes of my toys, jewelry boxes and little figurines when I was a child! I used to decorate and change them about once a week, as my mom would have us clean our rooms. Good memories!

  6. Love the Fiesta!! You must have quite a collection!


  7. Tammy, I love all your sets. How fun to have different plates for different occasions. There are some nice things about being an empty nester!

  8. I'm lovin' the swanky swigs!!

  9. I'm a total dish addict. I come by it naturally. My mother and grandmother had seasonal dishes, everyday dishes and then extra special dishes. Love your collections.

  10. I love your idea of two of each pattern! How fun!

  11. Such pretty dishes Tammy!! Love those glasses! So fun! xo Heather

  12. My name is Linda and I have a dish addiction too! My sister has a platter addiction. Together we could have our own episode of Hoarders, the Dish edition.



  13. Such a great idea, Tammy! Love your dishes, too...and the turquoise Fiesta from your great-grandmother is fabulous--lucky you!

    Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


  14. Hi Tammy - just popped in to let you know that my Little Sunbeam is shining on you this month. Hope you enjoy it! - Sharon

  15. Congrats on your Little Sunbeam award! I found you from Sharon's blog.

    I loved looking at the dishes and think finding two dishes is much easier than finding a whole set. I love that idea. I also adore the dishes from your grandmother. The blue is so beautiful and it looks modern and old fashioned at the same time (if that makes sense).

  16. Tammy! Those swigs are to die for! The Blue Heaven is gorgeous!
    I have always loved the turquoise Fiesta but still haven't found it anywhere reasonably priced!
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  17. Tammy--my mom also had the Blue Heaven plates, what a nice stroll down memory lane!


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