Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn in the Air

The colors of autumn, so warm and welcoming.  This old teapot is called a "Brown Betty"; it's got a new life of service as a focal point in my vignette along with some other vintage pieces of Fiesta and McCoy.  Need some cream in your tea?  I love the little white stoneware 'milk jugs' as they say in England.  The cute little tea ball was a gift from Deb Garage Sale gal when we met in the RW (real world!).
 My mantle is loaded up with gourds and garland, soon a fire will warm the house along with a cup of tea.
September, as John Denver sang,  is being 'swallowed by the wind, and more than that it's oh, so sad to see the summer end.'  I'm not a winter lover but this warm season has been much longer than usual this year!
'Time to jump in my buggy and go leaf looking, the colors are coming earlier this year it seems!  I'll be driving the '57 Chev but this one would be fun if I was shorter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two by Two

Dinner for two?  The children are all gone and my sets of dishes now have grown by twos. When I see a pattern that I like at the thrift store, I pick up two, one for Mr. Wonderful and one for me.
This pattern is called English Cottage; I love the muted colors of the stoneware for some fall comfort food:  meatloaf,  acorn squash and baked potatoes with sour cream, grated cheese and bacon garnish.
When I spied this plate I ricocheted back to childhood, my Mom bought these dishes at Red Owl grocery store; we had meals on this pattern called Blue Heaven.  For $ 1.30 for the pair I can step back to 1965 and suppers that included fried parsnips (YUK!)  roast beef and pop-overs (YUM!)
I love this set, especially at this time of the year!  Apples on these Franciscan beauties are perfect for our September dinner table.  Yes, there are two of them, that's all, just a couple, same price $ 1. 30 for the pair.
Last year at the Gold Rush Flea Market I picked up this set of Swanky Swigs and the carrier for $ 12.00!  The paint is a bit dried, maybe someone who collects them can tell me how to refresh it.  I tried rubbing some lemon oil into it but no effect.
Since I'm showing you apples; here are a couple more.  This set is called Gay Fad, I picked the sugar and creamer up because they matched Little Grama's cookie jar.
The turquoise Fiesta belonged to my Great Grandmother, she gave them to me when I was 4 years old!  I've been in love with dishes ever since!  Eight plates and saucers, no cups!  On a vintage tablecloth I can't help but smile when I pass my dining room with these dishes on the table.  I think dishes are my weakness but I only add them in twos nowadays!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Season Suite

Reflections on the water, like shadows in my mind,
 Speak to me of passing days and nights and passing time.
 The falling leaves are whispering that winter's on the way.
 I close my eyes remembering the warmth of yesterday.
 It seems a shame to see September swallowed by the wind,
 And more than that, it's oh, so sad, to see the summer end.

And though the changing colors are a lovely thing to see,
If it were mine, to make the change,
I think I'd let it be.

The Season Suite, "Fall" song by John Denver from the Rocky Mountain High album was a great set of lyrics; I loved this one and have quoted it for years.  The AUTUMN banner is one that I made last year; more 'page a day' calendar illustrations by Mary Engelbreit.  The leaves are raining down from our poplar trees, the drought more than the change in seasons brought them down early.  The weather is glorious, upper 70 degree temps in the daytime hours, 40 degrees at night or as we like to say, "good sleeping weather!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Put Your Thinking Caps On

No one in our house has gone to school the day after Labor Day for a long while but I still love to think about those 'First Day' memories and photos before taking the bus to a new grade. A few of Big Grama's primers in a pile with a folding yardstick.  In the background, first day of kindergarten for #3!
I just love school supplies, new pencils and backpacks and notebook paper and learning new stuff!  With three kids I had a huge collection of colored pencils in various states of use.  One nearly new set went to grandson to color with;  even after making this 8x10 art piece, there is still a bag of leftovers!