Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hibernating in Winter

The temperature has been jumping up and down from 30s to single digits.  Time to hibernate at home after work.  My idea of cozy is a comfortable space, not too formal where the decorating is eclectic to say the least.  The tatted doily was saved from life in the Great Big Thrift store and cost a whopping 75c, the disheartening thing is knowing someone spent about 200 hours making it! 
After visiting the Bachmans Idea House where flea market style decorating ideas bloom I convinced Mr. Wonderful to get out the drill and make me some finials from the pine cones sent to me by  Jane at Aralia Janes  They are HUGE!
This petite valentine gift: I love more than 'a partridge in a pear tree'; it's a pink bird in a seed cup!  Made for me by Miss Shirley Zetta's Aprons.  It's so much fun when you connect in more than blogs visits and that's what Shirley and I have done, emails fly back and forth from our respective parts of the country.
This adorable shadow box came from Stephanie at Creative Indulgences and the little Miss looks like she can face any winter weather!  Stephanie has written me several times a week since we were matched in a swap last spring!  What fun to learn about life in the Northeast!  
Red is my favorite color and my valentine tree held this tag that came with several gifts from Kim the Musing Mama.  Kim too, writes regularly, we share the job description of mother to Asian born children, her doll came from China, my boy and girl were born for me in Korea. 

Hibernating I look around and enjoy the gifts of friendships, the gifts in the mail are lots of fun but knowing such wonderful women is the real treat! 


  1. I'm overdue in proper thank yous! I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend, dear friend. We had glorious temps and lots of snowy adventures.

  2. What lovely gifts from you blogpals!! It is so much fun meeting new people in blogland, I agree! Have a great week!!


  3. What fun and cute gifts you got! :) Happy new week! xx Holly

  4. Hi Tammy! Guess what - we are partners in the Spoolie-Swap! Yeah - I am so happy that you will be my partner. I made a practice spoolie today - and will try again, till I get it right! It will be so fun to get to know you better.

  5. Wonderful gifts, Tammy. I also love the pinecone finials-pure genius. Hope the weather warms up a little for you.

  6. Finally home from our 5 day weekend. I hate having to play catch-up...I feel so behind on the blogs and emails. I feel like going back to bed! We had nice 70 degree temps on our trip, but it's nice to be home. I'm glad you liked the little peat pot basket. I have plans to make Easter baskets with them as well. Hobby Lobby had tiny porcelain bunnies and chicks. I love miniatures...but I hate things made out of resin. This sounds like I'm babbling, but will write you more later! By the way...those pine cone finials are a stroke of genius! I would never have thought of that!!

  7. What wonderful handmade gifts you received! Isn't it so sweet the way each handmade item tells a story of the creative lady that made it just for you! I love the pine cones. How cute! I have done some tatting and it does take a while to finish one loop. Have a great night, Holly

  8. Hi Tammy,
    I agree with you about blogging friends. I have been so touched by mine. I know what you mean about getting that beautifully detailed doily for 75 cents. It is amazing to think of all the work that went into something like that. I consider them all treasures! Sure glad to see your Pine cones up and decorating!! How fun!! Take care of yourself!!

  9. Hi Tammy! I have such a heart for boy figurines, especially Month ones. Your little skier is the cutest I have ever seen! So glad you survived this latest snow storm. I always think of you now when my husband gives me the weather report! I love your pine cone finials! What a great idea. It is always such a pleasure to stop by and see what you are up to. Take care, Elizabeth

  10. Hibernating!!! That is exactly what I have been doing. Just like a bear!!! Such wonderful little gifts and the pine cone finials are a great idea!!!



  11. So funny...I just wrote you about hibernating and you are, too! And now...more snow coming! The gifts you received are really wonderful!


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