Sunday, February 3, 2013


There are times when I wonder why my Scandinavian relatives thought this was a good place to stop and make their new home...  In the last week we have had wind chills of 25-40 below zero.  When the weather hits single digits we bundle up, there's truth to that layers thing, we also wear hats!  I go to the craft room and celebrate winter in my own way; I make snowmen.  I make my guys with paper, now the real thing.

Perusing the isles of Michaels, the chipboard books are such a fun way to theme a set of graphics.   Gathering supplies comes first, flipping through the papers and garnishes

choosing the goodies that fit with my idea to make things easier when I start assembling the pages.

My flea market finds (greeting card scrapbooks) have been stripped apart; the cards separated from the musty smelling paper that held them captive for 60 years.  I organize my binders by types of illustrations:  here are the snowfolks
Cutting graphics, I'll be pondering before looking for additional embellishments to complement the fabulous pictures.  I love buttons and rick rack when using the vintage designs.  After making 50 or so Christmas tags to mail as holiday greeting cards, my choices are getting more manageable. 
It's not always below zero, in fact two days after the subzero temps it was 34 degrees in my neck of the woods.  Yes, we call that WARM.  You Southern gals, well, let me say that big bugs, snakes and alligators found in swimming pools is my version of uninhabitable.  It's a good thing we all get used to our own weather issues isn't it?
I'm moving on to the seasonal crafting; I may finally be in the swing of working full time and still finding time for fun in my playroom cutting paper and entertaining myself waiting for spring.


  1. I love these pictures, your craft room must be a heavenly place!!

  2. Your snowmen are darling. I don't believe Mr. Groundhog's prediction that spring is coming early. Over the weekend, we got 14 inches of new snow. It's been a constant weekend of shoveling. We couldn't be happier. Hugs from another cold-weather friend!

  3. I don't like cold weather one bit. I can't dream about spring yet though. Way to far off. I'm glad you are fitting some crafting in with working.

  4. Fun snowmen! Crafting in winter is a nice way to forget about the weather!

  5. Hi Tammy,
    Love the snowman! Stay warm!

  6. Love, love your cute snowmen!! Sending you some warmer weather!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  7. I'm alive! So sorry that I've been MIA! I'll be emailing you soon.
    Your snowfolk are too cute! And I'm sooooo glad that it's just one full time job now, and you have some time in your super cute craft room!
    Erica :)

  8. Your snowmen...I'm mean snow people, are darling! It takes some effort to find the balance between work and fun, I spend about 10% of my week crafting/sewing....I wish it could be more but work, and chores always seem to get in the way!!


  9. These are too cute Tammy! I have been busy with the tree....I even got over to Norway and got info.....I din't see these snowman chip boards...where are they in the store???? I put all of my Valentine stuff away...sick of red! Looking forward to Spring, but not as much as you I'll bet! I just pulled out a package of frozen lefse I bought back in October ate the Wal-Mart in Eau Claire....yum!!!!!

  10. Oh boy, you've put your time staying warm indoors to good use......these are SO cute! I admire you gals who work full time and yet still make time to create and then share it on their blogs. You're AMAZING, Tammy!

  11. My brother lives in Minn. so I hear about that weather from him. It's good we do get used to our own weather. Looks like you've been crafting up a storm! Love the vintage images and snowmen! Have fun with them!

  12. I am so lucky to be the lucky owner of a set of your darling snowmen! I love your crafting process. I haven't made anything for a week or so now. We were buried in snow last week, but it was so light and bright that I enjoyed staying at home...didn't leave the house until Friday. George has been up to his ears in cookbooks...he made four different recipes of biscuits last I have to hear the scientific factoids on why my cookies and biscuits are not as fluffy and/or flaky as!

  13. Love your cute snowmen!! Happy creating and keep warm and cozy!! :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

  14. Isn't the new snow pretty! Darling snowpeople! I like that you have your cutouts in folders!


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