Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Phoenix boasts an amazing city park called Encanto Park. A historic neighborhood of 1920s homes, beautiful driving range turf, baseball diamonds, flowering shrubs, ahhh and a vintage carousel! Another trip, another photography expedition to take pictures of horses!
Before traveling I always check the National Carousel Association web page. Enchanted Island Carousel made my list of places to stop in Arizona; the Merry Go Round has been in the same park for 42 years and it's a beauty!

Arriving at the park I was disappointed, the amusement land was closed! Spying some college age park workers, I asked if I could go in and take pictures. I explained that I had studied the web page but missed the fact that it was closed on Tuesdays! The owner, who happened to be laying his own cement repair project and waved us in!
I didn't get to ride or hear the organ but I did manage to shoot the entire carousel without a single person in the way!
Riding into the sunset, two tiny ponies pulling the bench seat, beautiful colors, generous people who let me in to enjoy my very own carousel for five minutes!


  1. I'm glad you were able to sneak in despite it being closed. Beautiful pictures.

  2. That was really nice to let you inside to take photos...would have been a shame to miss it! Fun photos!

  3. I Love the merry-go-round!
    Your blog uploaded perfectly! You changes worked! I do love the blue on the side of your blog!
    Happy Day!

  4. How fun! Love all those horses :) Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Happy Monday! xo Holly

  5. This brought back so many great memories of going to carnivals and amusement parks when I was little. I remember always taking my time and being very particular in choosing which horse I would ride on!

  6. That sure is a beautiful merry-go-round! I really love the detail of the carousel horses! I'm so glad the owner let you in.

  7. Tammy, your photos are beautiful. Aren't carousels just magical. laurie

  8. Great pics of that beautiful carousel. They just make you smile!

  9. Well, that looks like fun, especially getting to take the photos without any people in the way. Of course, it's fun to hear the music and watch people riding too!


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