Friday, July 27, 2012

A Glimpse

Do you love to peek into the background in other blogger's photos?  I love to catch a glimpse of their homes to see how that too, reflects their personality.  My love of vintage tatted doilies requires me to "SAVE" them from life in the thrift store.  Some Grama spent hours making that beautiful piece and they end up in a thrift store!  I can't make them but I am happy to take them home with me.

I live in the Upper Midwest, my home is in Minnesota.  My beloved Mr. Wonderful was born and raised in Iowa, I have transplanted him to a better life!   We went to the Wisconsin Dells on family vacations when I was a child, fond memories of riding 'the ducks' from WWII on Lake Delton.  Mr. Wonderful and I went to The Dells on our honeymoon in August of '78 and for our 30th anniversary a few years ago.  A slightly better budget this time but very few of the same sites; it's water park heaven now.

Knowing my love for vintage linens and red, white and blue, an appliqued dish towel was part of a wonderful package from my friend Chris at Perfectly Printed She made me an adorable little house that to me looks like a Post Office, she garnished it with stamps!  'See the other goodies she include?  Tell me, does any friend in my real life  know I like this kind of stuff?  Um, probably not.
Do you see the Little Golden Book to add to my collection?  Mr. Wonderful works for the Post Office and she knows my need for those little silver bound story books!  'Love it all Miss "Chris Craft"!
I found the dish drainer at the flea market,  Miss Kim at Musings from Kim K sent me my own dolly dishes to put in it!  I have wanted red metal dishes and here she was: Santa Claus!  The journal sitting in the background is a 'slam book' of sorts where I keep track of the trades and swaps I've been in.  I don't want to forget the wonderful gifts, fabulous ephemera and thoughtful tuck-ins that you have sent me.  I keep pieces of the wrapping paper, pretty tape or graphics that you add in the book!  The beautiful cover art was a card made by my pal Stephanie Gilded Junque; I saved the card and now it covers my journal. 
Remember the spring flea market with the giant rain storm?   I had this little chicken feeder I found for $3.00; here is the project that needed some tweaking.  My beloved built me a 'faux window' when I couldn't find one small enough for our little hip-roofed shed, the chicken feeder now holds Impatiens and Coleus. There's a glimpse of my decorating in the 'Early Attic' style I love.  


  1. I always treasure little glimpses into my blogging friends home. Such sweet touches, Tammy.

  2. Early attic...I love it. Mine..nursery school knock out. I love all your add ins and no not even my closest friend would pick up on the things my blogging pals do. This is a peek into our souls I presume. Smiles...Renee.

  3. I too love the glimpse into our blog pals homes. It makes me feel a little closer to them, even though they are far away! I love your chicken feeder!

    Hugs Chris

  4. I love doilies and plates. Have 'em all over the house. I, too, love the Wisconsin Dells.

  5. How nice to have a peek at your collections. I have a few old doilies, but most the ones I make now. And collect plates, too -- they are mostly on the wall in our dining area. So nice when your bloggy friends send you things they know you will love. The faux window on the shed is fabulous! Have a great day! Tammy

  6. Tammy, I love that scrap book idea to keep track of the fun things we get from our bloggy pals. I need to get mine put together before I forget something or someone special. You are so lucky to inspire the friendship of so many amazes me how they seem to know what little "treasures" will bring happiness to their "imaginary friend." I wish I knew which golden books you are lacking...I come across them often. =D

  7. Hi Tammy,
    the goodies from Chris are awesome. Love the cute dish drainer and adoreable dishes from sweet Kim. Everything is so perfect for you and your collections! I have said it before and say it again, blogging friends are the best and they know us better than our real life friends and family! I wonder why that is?? Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Love all your sweet collections!! I spy a beautiful spice jar collection!! So pretty! xo Heather

  9. I love Little Grama's Gay Fad Cookie Jar. I saw the same one at the Flea, only in aqua! I wanted it so bad but it was missing the lid! Had to pass.
    Your "Slam Book" is a great idea I might have to use!
    I agree about peeking into those backgrounds! :)
    Thanks for sharing Tammy,

  10. Tammy, I love peeking into your home. The red and blue things are right up my alley!The little doilies are so cute, and I love the toy dishes. I do think blogging friends are the best. I love your idea of keeping a little book to keep track of things!I got married one year later than you did. 1979 for us.Have a great weekend!

  11. Ahhh! Such sweet pretty things! Love all your things, adds a wonderful touch! xo Holly

  12. Hi Tammy! Love the Glimpse into your Early Attic! Hmm.. I wonder what I should call mine. I love doilies, too! It is always so amazing to me all the work that is in one. I keep telling myself one day I will try to make one. Love the display oh time pieces! I see all your crocheted potholders, too! They are great. And yes, fellow blogging buddies are the best! So happy that yours make you happy! I just adore mine!


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