Saturday, March 31, 2012

Imaginary Friends

Bloggers just know how to have fun!  I 'stalked' many blogs for over a year, reading all the creative ideas for crafts and decorating and homemaking.  I was in my first tag exchange before I entered the world of bloggers and was matched with Sandy  Sandy is  from the Upper Midwest and we shared that when we traded tags last October.  This spring Sandy and I did a little tag trade on our own.  I made my Easter tag and added a few pieces of ephemera and some of my Saturday Evening Post ads knowing she loved vintage kitchen equipment.  

The mail carrier brought a box to my door on Thursday; not unlike this vintage story book illustration that I propped in an old brass post office box.  It was a surprise full of Easter goodies from Sandy!  I haven't had an Easter basket for more years than I am willing to admit so imagine an adult seeing a pastel bouquet of bunny suckers and giggling!  An assortment of adorable graphics, some stickers, toys, all wrapped in various colored papers.  Oh my goodness, BLOGGERS know how to have fun!  I have worked with so many folks who are 'fun impaired', what a welcome change!
Norman Rockwell Cover:  April Fools 1945
I'm not foolin!  This is the most fun I've had in a LONG time.  At Christmastime I swapped with Chris at   Chris sent boxes of goodies inside the box!  Vintage stickers from holidays past, adorable finds from flea markets in California!  Chris was so generous at a time when I had the blues... what an amazing community of folks!   Spring tag swap introduced me to Stephanie at comments are coming from new imaginary friends and I had no idea that being a blogger could be this much fun!  Take a look at this hysterical illustration from 1945; April Fools Day.
My imaginary friends who blog, you are FUN!  NO FOOLIN'!!
And now, a note about mailing:  THIS MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY ME:
"If it fits, it ships!"
If you haven't already gone to your local PO and picked up the small, medium or large size boxes that are FREE; you may want to start!  No matter how much your package weighs, if you can put it in the box, it's the same price; $ 8 something and $ 11. something...CHEAP and it's fast and easy.  You can even print your postage online; no trips to the Post Office to have things weighed!

"Save time!  Save Money! 
It's the new Johnson's water repellent Glo-Coat!"

Whoops, there goes that Saturday Evening Post ad in my head!


  1. i am so happy for all of my 'imaginary' blog & etsy friends! my 'real life' friends just don't share my passion for vintage so it's amazing to have this outlet to meet like minded people! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Isn't it just the sweetest thing to have the mailman bring packages full of things you love...blogging friends are amazing!

  3. I agree! Blogging friends are terrific!! Reminds me of being in 34d grade and having Sister Marion Rose assign us pen pals!! Letters send back and forth... checking the mail box! Thanks for the mention of my blog too!!
    And Christmas swapping with you was the best!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I would love to get an Easter basket with those kinds of goodies!
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my new room. I love that other people love it too!

  5. Of course I am wildly jealous of the Saturday Evening Post! I know what you mean about 'fun impaired' people - what is the deal with THAT? Life is too short not to laugh and your blog helped me do that today.


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