Friday, March 9, 2012

Pardon me, Boy!

"Is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?!"

Our first home, a 1929 bungalow was a fixer upper.  We climbed into the attic to add insulation and found that a previous owner had already insulated it with newspapers and magazines from the 1940s! Bringing down the stacks of newspapers we were entertained for hours reading the war news.  The Saturday Evening Posts went into a box and I stored them for 29 years before finding the lost treasures again last winter.

Paging through the super sized magazines I was mesmerized with the adorable slogans, the bright colored advertisements and the clever product promotions.  I decided that the saving the magazines in the closet was not the way to really enjoy their charm.  I started dreaming up a little project that would focus on the fun I had hidden in a box for years...

First up:  a little railroad themed banner.  Most of these graphics came from railroad ads but there are a few garnishes from my paper crafting stash to add to the story depicted with each letter for the word TRAIN.

I cut the ads for several railroad lines and arranged the graphics to tell the story found on another advertisement that portrayed a young couple who met on the train.

Watch the couple and their romance as they share the bench seat on the train ride.
The plot thickens:

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the train another gal has a roomette, see what she missed!

Arriving at their destination it appears that the service man will have someone to take home to mother!

Don't you just love a happy ending?  Me too.


  1. SO cute!!!!!!!!!! Just love this!

  2. How cool! Everyone loves a happy ending!

  3. What a fun rain bunting!! :-) Going through old magazines can be such a history lesson. My mom has some old Women's magazines, and my sister and I spent hours paging through and looking at the vintage fashions, laughing at the advertisements and seeing what was newsworthy then.


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