Sunday, May 20, 2012

Merry Go Rounds in my Life

I love Merry go Rounds!  I  always look for the historic hand carved carousels when we travel so I can ride!  St. Paul, Minnesota, originally at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, this all wood carousel was the one I rode as a child each summer when visiting the HUGE state fair.  It was moved from the original site and restored to perfection.  It is housed at the Como Park Zoo grounds in St. Paul.

These horses are all natural  but their saddles and decorative trims are brightly colored.  This carousel was made by The Philadelphia Tobaggan Company.
In Minnesota there are over 20,000 lakes, and of course fish and what eats fish?  A pelican!  The Lark Toys Carousel is all wood too, carved in the 1980s by a craftsman who learned to whittle when he had Polio as a child.  This carousel is brightly colored and highly varnished with very a unique assortment of animals and birds to ride on.
This Carousel is south of the Twin Cities in Kellogg, Minnesota.  See the flamingo in the background? 

And now to the West Coast:  California
Taking my daughter to Los Angeles in 2006, I had to see the carousel at the Santa Monica Pier!  It's a big one and a beauty! 
I love the bright colors on this carousel.  I ride each carousel I visit and this one is fast! 

A trip to Story City, Iowa included a trip to the Story City carnival sized carousel.  It has matched pairs, just two rows of animals but they are unique.
Just an hour north of Des Moines, Story City is a small farming community so what child wouldn't want to jump on a rooster for a ride?
Or the pair of pooches?  This smaller size Merry Go Round was pulled on a trailer to small town carnivals, the animals are smaller and there are only about 10 pairs and a bench seat.

There are several more carousels that I've been to and I'll share them later. If you have a favorite, please tell me about it!  I am adding to my 'Bucket List' of must sees.  


  1. As you can imagine, the dragon is my favorite one. What gorgeous works of art.

  2. Tammy!! I didn't realize that you're in the cities! lol
    Where are you? We need to talk! :)
    Erica :)

  3. I love the roosters!! Mary Poppins comes to mind, when the animals on the Merry Go Round hop off and they race through the countryside! I love the Merry Go Round at the Santa Cruz Beachboard Walk! If you ever make it to the Northen California let's go!


  4. Oh my gosh! I loved this post! I too love these unique carousels. I had the good fortune to visit the factory here in Ohio that makes most of these. It was the first year they had been open to the public. What an art form! Thank you for sharing all of these with us. What fun! Elizabeth

  5. Wow, those carousels are fantastic. I haven't seen one in years. But now I'll keep my eyes peeled. Great pictures!

  6. Aren't they wonderful! I have been on the Como Park carousel many times over the with my grandchildren...

  7. Oh, I love carousels! I get nauseous going in circles these days so I doubt I would try to ride one again but if I could, I would ride the roosters. These pictures are great and bring back wonderful memories. I remember a carousel in Bowling Green, KY that used exotic animals. I loved riding the Ostrich.


  8. Saddle up the flamingo for me!

  9. What a fun post!! Love all the different animals!! Carousels are quite unique, and fun to find one that have been around for many years!!! Happy Monday!! xo Heather

  10. Love that darling stork with the fish. I think that is the most whimsical one I have ever seen. What a wonderful thing to have on your bucket list...smiles...Renee

  11. Oh I love Merry Go Rounds too! When I was a child this is a close as I got to riding a horse....such good memories and I can hear the music as I write this...:) I really love the roosters!

  12. Wow! A carousel more beautiful than the other! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings

  13. I love your 'collection' of merry go rounds! Makes me feel like summer is here just looking at them all.


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