Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! May Day!

There's a little touch of Holland happening at my house this spring.  This wooden shoe found at the great big thrift store is the perfect place for a tulip bouquet.  What flower says Amsterdam more than a tulip?

Playtime for me the day I cut the little Dutch boy and girl out and Mod Podged them on the red button jar, remember, CUTE COUNTS!  The little three color planter holds a few more silk flowers to cheer up my happy place while I work on crafts.
This little pair has been with me for 50 years, another gift from Great Grandma Gina.  The chalkware is in perfect shape and the box they were in states that the set was also part of that trip to President Grant's home in Galena, Illinois.  It must have been a very important vacation to that Great Grandma, she saved her souvenirs and gave them to me in 1961.  

Now, my latest Pyrex purchase, not Dutch but this Friendship pattern looks like tulips to me.  Found at the thrift store, I scooped them up for $ 7.00, less than the cost of a bouquet.  So on this May 1st, I am enjoying these colorful tulips on my table.  Now, do you spose anyone will ring my doorbell and leave me a May Day basket??


  1. Happy May Day to you! The Double Dutch kids are really sweet.

  2. If I could, I would bring you a May Day basket. Very CUTE Dutch items. I love the wooden shoe holding a bouquet--very clever.

  3. Ooh, love the Pyrex!! I have two smaller wooden shoes,very similar!! That is a cute idea to put flowers in them! xo Heather

  4. Happy May day!! We're actually heading to Holland MI later today to watch my 8th grader play soccer. I'll be thinking of you as we pass windmill island and all the pretty tulips. You have a lovely collection.

  5. Everything is soooo cute! And I can't believe you got such a deal on those Pyrex! Maybe I need to find a few Dutch things. I don't think I have any. Uh oh! :)
    Erica :)

  6. That was a steal on those bowls! Great price!
    I really like your Dutch items. My husband use to live in Holland so my in-laws had alot of things from holland that we now enjoy! I have a dutch shoe that I didn't know what to do with. That is a great idea to place the flowers in it. Your Great Grandmother's little boy and girl are adorable! I am glad you have them!

    I had to laugh at your comment to me! The blue bowl that is in good condition isn't so easy to find. I did find one last Summer to add to one of my sets. I will keep my eye out for you. You will probably get a Bingo before I do!

  7. I would if I could!! Leave a May Basket at your door!!


  8. Your dutch items are beautiful. I love to see how everyone uses their vintage items in their house. Like they have been their forever....Happy May Day to you...smiles...Renee

  9. Tammy, I have scrolled through previous posts just swooning over the vintage treasure and amazing paper art. I think I have found a next project in your ABC banner. It is absolutely wonderful! Your blog is so charming, I am so glad to have visited today! Happy May Day! Elizabeth

  10. Hello friend!
    Beautiful Dutch Clogs, tastes great!
    Here near my city has a city of the Dutch settlers called Holambra, there I find all items of decoration Dutch wooden shoes, crockery, windmills ... one more beautiful than the other.
    Yours are beautiful too.
    May Day is a holiday here in Brazil because it is Labor Day, so Happy May Day to you!
    Have a blessed day!

  11. Oh my goodness! $7 for the Pyrex, well done!!


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