Monday, May 7, 2012

Patriotic Salute to Summer

My son enlisted four months after 9/11 because he felt called to be part of another great generation.  He entered the Air Force after his graduation in 2002.   I remember standing for the anthem at a high school game and tears streamed down my cheeks.  I took so much for granted until freedom required something from me, my son. 

I told him, "You're a good kid!  You don't need the military to straighten you out."  He asked me who I would rather have serving our country. 

When he went in the service I started planting my yard as a Victory Garden with red, white and blue flowers in all the beds.  It's been almost 10 years and he has been promoted early  and risen quickly; his rank is now Technical Sgt.   Of course I'm proud!  
Seeing this piece at the great big thrift store,  the wheels in my noggin started spinning.  I really loved the printers drawer that 7 Gypsies had but wouldn't splurge on myself...  
I wanted a patriotic theme for my craft room too.  As we approach our summer of patriotic holidays Memorial Day, Flag Day and the 4th of July, maybe you too, will add some patriotic touches to your indoor and outdoor decorations.
I admit that I got stuck and while I had the graphics, I just couldn't get the box garnished the way I wanted it at first.  I spend more time putzing than making the thing in the first place!

Porkys is the Drive-In that my family used to go to in Dad's '57 Chevy.  No, Dad's BelAir didn't look like this one!  I ordered the Kiddie Special, a burger, fries and small chocolate malt with a special toy tucked underneath the burger.  That was 'eating out' on Saturday nights in my childhood.
The pictures are a mix of graphics from Imagimeri, and some from old books and cards,  see the Dick and Jane illustration?   I'm a swinger, I loved this little gal flying off the corner.  I used to test potential boyfriends by whether or not they could swing.  In case you're wondering, Mr. Wonderful was a swinger too in 1977!
Summer road trips in my '57 might include a trip to a Carousel.  I love the hand carved beauties and there is a gorgeous one in St. Paul at the Como Park Zoo.  In the corner on the right I tucked in a cottage and three playful little ones, just like my three.  We're heading to the nursery this weekend to buy annuals, can you guess what colors I'll choose?  


  1. I love it Tammy!! All the images are so sweet!! Especially the girl on the swing!! What kind of car was your 57'? Love old cars!! ;) xo Heather

  2. First let me say how much I appreciate and honor your son's service to our great country.

    Secondly, OH MY GOSH!!! This is the cutest thing ever!!! (can you tell I really, really like it?) I love everything about this, including your story and you can never go wrong when using red, white and blue. The little finishing touches are perfect!

  3. I've had so much fun taking all your special images and little touches. It's just lovely and definitely puts one in the patriotic/summer mode. Hats off to your son for choosing and continuing to serve in the military.

  4. This turned out so cute...I love it and all the little touches. Altering these pieces always excites me...smiles...Renee I had to enlarge them to see it all....

  5. Tammy this project is so cute!!! I love red, white and blue as well!! So fun to have a victory garden! You have a lot to be proud of!
    Best Chris

  6. are just the BEST at collage!! This piece is amazing. I hope you'll submit it to some of the magazines. It's so unique, and better yet, there it meaning behind it.
    Thank you for being a military family! You sacrifice a lot for all of us!
    Erica :)

  7. That is one of the cutest displays I have EVER seen! Loved peering into every scene. Now I'm jealous of your creativity and your trip to a carousel.

  8. Tammy, I seriously love this blog post! It's such a wonderful way to tell a meaningful story. I believe that our life stories can be told one incident at a time. And I love what you did with the patriotic shadow box! You've really inspired me to get to work on my patriotic projects. BTW I am your newest follower. I'm so glad to came to visit me. =D

  9. This is wonderful. You have so many special treasures here. I love all the detail!

  10. Hello, I found your lovely blog through Vintage Grey. How pretty everything is here! I love your shadow box and the story of your wonderful son. You must be so very proud! My Mom grew up during WWII, and I would always beg her to tell me stories of that time, and I always wanted to have a Victory Garden just as so many of the women did then. What a wonderful idea you had! Thanks so much. XO Helena

  11. Oh Tammy,
    I am so green with envy over this!! My craft room, living room, and my bedroom are done in Americana and patriotic items!! My son joined up in 2006 and did 18 months in Afghanland as he called it!! He got out of the Army last summer. He is suffering from PTSD! He is not the same man that he was before the war in Afghanland! It has changed him!! PLease pray for him!! He is shutting us out of his life right now and I worry about him all the time if he is ok and all!! I just keep praying that he will go to someone and get the help he needs in dealing with those things he saw and had to do while fighting for our country!!!
    I can't wait to see your garden!! I plant a lot of red, white, and blue flowers too!

  12. I love your patriotic shadow box! I see my avatar on it!!! The majorette!

    Please give you son a big hug and kiss when you see him, from me and my family and tell him THANK YOU!



  13. This is absolutely delightful! You are a talented lady. laurie

  14. oh, and I meant to say that I am grateful for your son's service for our country, and to you for raising him to be an honorable man. laurie

  15. This is so cute! I have about 3 shadow boxes in my closet and I want to at leasr do over one of them in this similar way! ♥

  16. Love your shadow box, and anything with a patriotic theme. A special thanks to your son for his commitment to our country ! Found you through your comment on my flickr acct a while ago, and thought I was "following", but wasn't, but now I am :) See you in blogland, E


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