Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orange Crush and the Good ol' Days

Back in the day, this was a 'TREAT'.  My Mom bought a six pack, half Grape and half Orange Crush.  On Saturday night, sometime after doing our Saturday jobs, yes, I was required to dust, clean the bathroom, shake rugs and wash the kitchen floor.  And taking baths and getting our shoes shined before church we were allowed to have 'pop'.  In the Upper Midwest we don't call it soda, it's pop.  The portion we got was in a Tupperware juice glass and probably equaled two ounces!  It was a treat, not a 'BIG GULP' serving.

I was a kid when people drove cars like this one, COLORED CARS, not the silver, champaign and black variety that drive the streets now.  Is the entire country depressed?  Is this what a recession causes?  People must drive colorless, boring vehicles until the economy recovers?!  I digress...in these brightly colored cars there were little impressions on the inside of the glove box door.  If you went to the 'drive in' for food you sat your glass of pop on the open door of the glove box, the cup could be about 5" tall.  Now, how much is that?  About the size of a children's portion at McDonalds today.  Is it any wonder people were thinner? 

The grill on this Harbor Blue 57 BelAir looks like a smile...or makes me smile every time I see it.  This was the car I grew up with, this color, with great big white walls and a HUGE trunk and a push button radio playing Hello Mary Lou.  

See that waist?  That's why we got to drink two ounces of Orange Crush!  I'm going to go put on my 1950's gingham checked 'house dress', grab my Diet Coke and go for a little ride in my dream machine.  Summer has come to the tundra and it's going to be 80 today!  Tammy's in Love...


  1. Such sweet memories here Tammy! I can't wait for the car show to come to my town. The people used to be so much smaller, but their cars so big. LOL! We do have it reversed now! PS I am so happy to have you join my tag swap. Looking forward to yours! Elizabeth

  2. What a fun memory!! The family car I remember is a Corvair! My Dad loved that car. He had two, the last one finally died in 1973.
    Hugs chris

  3. Such beauties!!! Have fund cruisin' today!! xo Heather

  4. LOL Orange and Grape Crush! It's like drinking a melted popsicle! When we were little and we'd head up to the cabin in the summer (in MN), we would always stop on the way to get all of our groceries for the week. And my mom would buy good stuff that we would never have around the house...like Oreos, M&M's, Potato Chips, and Crush! I can just picture myself sitting on the end of the dock, in my swimsuit, dangling my feet in the water...an Orange Crush in my hand.
    Ahhh Heaven! :)
    Thanks for the memory Tammy!

  5. WooHoo! You are so right! I always have called it Pop! I love the old cars. My parents still have a bright red and white 1956 Chevy Belair 2 door hardtop! You know the lingo, right? Well, you better have fun in that pretty dress!

  6. I'd forgotten that but on the rare occasions we got Cokes as kids, we'd always had to 'split a Coke' - we got 4 oz I guess. My Mom thought an 8 oz bottle was enough for 2 kids. And cars with colors? YES PLEASE! I Hate that my sweet little car is silver. BOOOORRRRINNNG.

  7. Mama would hardly ever buy grape or orange drinks. Always Coke and Dr. Pepper. However, as you may or may not know, here in the south all soft drinks are called Coke. In any conversation you may say "Hey, you want a Coke?" and you could end up with Dr. Pepper, Sprite or Mountain Dew.

    I have a 1967 red Camaro convertible! Wanna go for a ride??? We can go get a "coke" LOL!



  8. I love how you told this story! Perfect! My childhood pop was Shasta in every flavor of the rainbow...lol! Our parents would load us into the station wagon still in our PJ's. Mom had a bag of treats in the front seat and we shared the back of the car with a huge cooler of Shasta...which was about 20 for a buck! Then we'd just drive somewhere...anywhere...usually to a place with no restrooms! After all that Shasta...one hasta! =D

  9. Such a cute story! I remember using the door to the glove box to hold my hamburger, french fries and coke when mom took us to Sandy's (the original Mc Donald's). There were 3 of us kids, so you were pretty lucky to get to ride shotgun and use the fabulous little "table". My mom drove a red, Ford Fairlane convertible. I loved that car.

  10. You definitely have a point. Pop was a luxury growing up. Lovely pictures. Sweet memories.

  11. Hi, Tammy. I tried to answer your email, but it's a "no-reply". Any hoo...No kit for the house, I get them from Hobby Lobby. I think Michael's has them too. They're usually only 5.98, but Hobby Lobby has paper mache on sale every other week or so for 40% off. I love playing with the houses. I usually make "gingerbread" houses with them at Christmas. I'm glad you liked it. =D

  12. I used to have these little tiny crush bottle. I loved to have them on my night stand growing up. Found some more lgb today when I went looking for my fan in the basement...two were not on your list...Whoo! Hoo! So excited...Smiles...Renee

  13. Hi Tammy,
    I don't see your email so I can give you my address...please email me and I'll send it to you...

  14. Hi Tammy ... I love the avatar ... I'd recognize Tammy in her blue gymsuit anywhere. I grew up playing with her -- no Barbies at my house. I think Tammy's sister was Pepper. I did not have Pepper, but I did have her best friend Dodi. And I've passed all of it on to my daughter.

    So today I can't play with my dolls, but I do drink pop. And yeah, I drive a silver car ...

    New follower,

  15. Your Orange Crush and my 7-Up should get together!

    Love the old cars - my dad has a 65 Mustang with fabulous metallic green paint. Now that's a car!

    Memories can be evoked with a simple sign, drink, smell - isn't it great!

    Glad to be following.

  16. What a fun post! I remember Orange Crush too, and any soda we were allowed to have was always a treat. I had to laugh when you called it "pop." Mr. MST is from Iowa and he still calls it pop. Love those awesome cars too. No wonder the models on those vintage sewing patterns were always just drawings....no one has a waist that size! Thanks for the memories.

  17. Yes, Orange crush was my favorite!

    I see you're in the tag swap so I thought I'd come say hi. :)

  18. Well, I didn't grow up in that era but sometimes my husband and I feel like we were accidentally born decades to late:) You are so correct about the portions! "Treats" as my family would call them, are just not the same today. Everything is so fast, in such big quantities and there is hardly any delayed reward left anymore. Sad:(


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