Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Three Bears Tag Book

Once upon a time, there was a storybook that had some signs of being well loved, and  folded, spindled and mutilated.  It wanted to be read in a new way.  And so, I cut it.  Now I am very sorry, all you collectors of Tell a Tale books, I would be needing CPR if you confessed to cutting up a Little Golden Book that I don't have.  But honestly, the spine was broken off, the pages were ripped, I mean it was loved to death.  There are paper crafters who scan everything, then print the scans and cut; given the cost of color printer ink, I am not one of those people.  
For this tag book I cut the shape I had drawn free hand using a cereal box cardboard and sandwiched it between my layers of paper on each side.  
Using the same four pages of scrapbook paper from The Stack 7, you'll see that when a paper is used on one page, the accent color is the main color on the next tag page.  I learned this from Elizabeth, my  mentor at Creative Breathing.  It really does carry your eye to the next page and give cohesion to your project.
I loved this Isabel Bloom statue the minute I saw it in 2000 on a trip to Galena, Illinois.
As Goldielocks enters into the next room I changed the "wall paper".  I also cut out pieces from the next element of the story and tuck them into the corner.  Do you see Goldielocks sitting on a chair in the page where she is eating the porridge? 
See why I loved the statue?  Here is a picture I took in 1985 of my two oldest kids!

In this page I cut the illustrations from several pages and put them together.  Papa Bear's bed, Mama Bear's bed  were two pages, and then the pictures on the wall came from other places in the book along with the trunk at the foot of the bed.  
Again multiple pages cut out and put together for one page in my tag book.  
"Someone's been eating MY porridge and it's ALL GONE!"

The last page, and Goldie is discovered and she's outta here!  Having heard this story at his house, my grandson loved picture-reading this tag book to me. Is there anything better than a five year old in your lap?  I think not.   The cardboard layer makes it nice and firm for little people. 

I've said it before, I can't draw but I can cut and I'm a whiz with a glue stick!  This is my kinda fun, you can see, I'm easily entertained!  


  1. It's just darling. Love the new life you've given your "well-loved" book. I also enjoyed seeing the sweet picture of your children too. Hugs.

  2. This is soo sweet! I am loving it!!

  3. Such an adorable book!! Love all the sweet images, and picture of your kids!!! xo Heather

  4. That's an adorable and practical way to get the most out of a book that has seen better days!

  5. What fun way to salvage a "well loved" book!! And you are right...nothing better than a young one sharing your lap!!

    Hug Chris

  6. This is so cute. I can't believe how you see these paper pieces. They really come to life. Sent off a package today for you and of course found a darling paper doll book (see the post). I don't see it on your list but I can't tell if you collect these...just a heads up. Smiles...Renee

  7. Tammy, this has always been my favorite children's book! I think it is a great way to preserve this vintage story book from destruction! It is lovely!
    Thank you for sharing :) You made me smile

  8. You are so good at tags! I come across so many books in bad shape when I'm adding to my Golden Books or Rand McNally collections. I've just got to try and make a couple of these. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for the inspiration Tammy!
    Erica :)

  9. Hi, Tammy. Thank you so much for visiting me and now following me, and for your sweet comments about our grandbabies' bassinet and my blog as a whole. Lovely of you. I am in love with this book...I have several I could try this with for our grandbabies. Love your sweet blog. I'm following you too! ~Zuni

  10. Hi Tammy - I'm so glad you found my blog. I just love yours too! We seem to have the same memories from the same era - Sharon

  11. What a great idea, Tammy. There is nothing better than having a child on your lap, enjoying a wonderful storybook.


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