Monday, April 30, 2012

The GREATEST Show on Earth!

Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin was an unexpected delight on our 30th wedding anniversary trip to (our honeymoon destination) the Wisconsin Dells.  The restored Circus Wagons are the most spectacular rainbow of colors and wonderment!  The museum is on the campus of the former summer home for Ringling Brothers Circus and is an absolute feast for the eyes!

Each circus wagon was restored to its original splendor and down to the wheels were an unbelievable explosion of colors!
After reading your comments about the Circus tags I had to include a few pix, because you really do have to see it to believe it!
 I  want to tell you about a book called The Great Circus Fire.  It's a sad account of a catastrophe that occurred in a Big Top tent in the 1940's.  You can find it here: 
I listen to books on my commute  and  this story is so amazing that there were times that I sat in the car not wanting to stop listening when I got home!  There are compelling stories of heroism and sorrow.

I hope that you will think fondly of your circus days and consider a little circus craft of your own or better still, plan a road trip to Wisconsin to see the beautiful circus sites for yourself!


  1. The pictures are so neat. I grew up in a small town and I don't think we ever had a Circus but what fun memories you have!


  2. Those circus wagons are simply gorgeous works of art. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great pictures!! I love the bright!!

  4. Tammy, I would love to visit Wisconsin some day. My dad lived in Baraboo for a few years after he got out of the Army. He talks about it a lot.

  5. The circus wagons are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing such history!! xo Heather

  6. How wonderful to be able to get up close to those...they are amazing even in the photographs...congratulations on 30 years. That is wonderful...smiles...Renee

  7. I just followed you here from Shirley's blog Zetta's Aprons when I saw you Tammy doll avatar and knew that we would be kindred spirits! I just spent almost an hour reading through your blog and now I know we are! You do amazing paper tags and banners, what an inspiration! I'm your newest follower!



  8. I remember going there for our 8th grade trip.....a million years ago! I'm sure we had a great time, but all I remember is the rowdy bus ride. I guess it's time to go back again. Oh, and I LOVE your circus tags!


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