Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Faces

You got the cutest little baby face!

If there is a corner on the market on cuteness, it may belong to baby planters.  Frequently at the thrift stores, I have become more discerning; after finding a few absolutely adorable ones in the beginning of my addiction.  Yes, I said it, addiction.  There's something in the paint!  You pick one up and others find their way to you.  Filling them isn't a job for plants, they are really a great spot for a tatted hankie.  Who would donate 50 hours (or more!) of tatted work to the thrift store!?  Thank you (someone else's) Grama for making this adorable tatted treasure to last for 50 years.

Easter Bonnets:  they're not just for humans any more.  She must have had the same mother I had:  "Go put some blush on!  You look pale!"

This little cutie is holding a handkerchief too; Lily of the Valley, my favorite flowers.  She is nestled next to another little cutie, my oldest daughter.  MANY years ago!

This one looks like a boy but...hmm, pink booties?  Well, they're old planters, maybe it wasn't crucial in the 1950's that baby boys were blue. One more you say?  OK, a winker for last.  He looks like one of the Campbell Kids, or Dolly Dingle.  Tell me a story about your planters.


  1. Tammy, What a "cute" collection. Have you tried making pin cushions out of them? I made a pin cushion out of dog planter for a Christmas present and I could easily become obsessive about making pin cushions out of planters!


  2. It is the truth. Baby planters are the sweetest things. You have some of the cutest I have seen in a while. Smiles...Renee

  3. Those are so cute.
    I have to share with you something my mom did for me. She had saved a planter she received when I was born. Then when I had my first child, she put a plant in it and gave it to me!! I still have it and wish I would of thought to share it with my daughter when she had her baby. Of course, it would of been hard to part with!

  4. I saw you posting one several blogs I read so I had to come over and make a visit. Now I'm your newest follower. I love baby planters too they are the sweetest, and little gnomes and elves as well.

  5. Hi, how are you?
    Pleased to meet you, my name is Luciana and I'm from Brazil and like you I love vintage, scrapbooking, crafts and more.
    I saw you posting one several blogs I read so I had to come over and make a visit. Now I'm your newest follower.
    Be blessed one week!

  6. Hi! Your planters are so very pretty! I wish I had some like that!
    Tammy, I just spotted your Tammy doll face on a comment at Imageri's and had to find out who you were. I really got excited. My sister and I had Tammy dolls when we were little, that our Aunt gave us. Everyone else had Barbies. We loved our pretty girls. Is this a picture of your doll? Unfortunately, we no longer have ours.
    So now I have to follow you!!!

  7. I have to say, my favorite one is the lamb. =) I have been collecting the lamb planters. They are adicting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower!


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