Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now I Know my ABC's

Click the picture for close ups
With the faux paint treatment in my craft room I like using bright and cheery colors in my wall art.  Finding a pair of vintage children's alphabet books in bad shape, I decided to make a little tag banner.  I used the red, turquoise and yellow color scheme and repeated the papers through the series as borders or accents.
Despite the fact that the illustrations came from two different books, the graphics are so cute and colorful that it didn't matter that there were different illustrators!  I incorporated a song my Little Grampa used to sing me in the letter G tag.  "There was a man named Dandelion, had three red shirts on his clothesline.  He bought a goat and tied him hard, right by the neck, in his back yard."  Then next verse of the song had the goat coughing up the shirt to flag the train, see the red shirt?  
The old barn window from the Gold Rush Days Flea Market is a frame for a vintage circus poster; it came from the summer headquarters for the Ringling Brothers Circus in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  I'll tell the circus tale in the next post, it was such a fun place to be!  We revisited our Honeymoon destination on our 30th anniversary, Baraboo is just a short distance from The Wisconsin Dells.  
This set of tags are hung on vintage measuring tapes.  The tiny clothes pins made of plastic are vintage dolly clothes pins, the pinching ones were from JoAnn and are a perfect way to hang tags.  
Next time won't you sing with me...


  1. How delightful. The illustrations are just adorable on your tags. Can't wait to hear more of your circus tales.

  2. Oh Tammy!!!!! Wait till Meri sees this! Wonderful colors and my vintage type book illustrations! Too cute!!!! And the measuring tape....a tutorial would be wonderful girlfriend! I am saving the photos! And that circus old window....perfection!

  3. Hello Tammy,
    I am a new follower! I just love your blog! I am also drooling over the amazing tags, banners, and wall hangings that you make!! Simply beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with me!

  4. So so cute. Never thought to use a tape measure...genius. Love the theme and all the images. Smiles...Renee

  5. First of all, the banner is adorable! Even more adorable is the fact that you used a measuring tape!!! I love it (and the Circus window)!


  6. Oh wow!! I want that! LOL You're so good at making tags!
    Maybe you should scan those and sell them. lol ;)

  7. So sweet!! Love the adorable images!!! ;) xo Heather

  8. Very Sweet!! Love the images!!!


  9. Love these tags...wonderful colors and graphics...and the poster is really great! Thanks so much for stopping by my Bachman's House post!

  10. Oh, how cute are these? I love that it's the alphabet- so, so cute!! Love it!

  11. OMG! How stinkin' cute! I know what I am hanging my cartoon tags on...yellow tape measure! You are so much fun, Miss Tammy! =D


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