Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Time

The April Lefton figurine came from the bakery where my Little Grama was the cake decorator.  I have one for each month of the year; she used them to decorate birthday cakes.  I went to work with Grama and stood on a box next to the stainless steel table where her lazy Susan for cakes was positioned. In 15 minutes she could take a cake and turn it into a work of art, roses, swirls, and her handwriting in frosted greetings on the top.  Grama's cakes were  beautiful creations, and we ate them!  
Tags and paper craft don't require a lot of artistic ability.  I can cut, glue stick and layer papers on top of cardboard sandwiched in the middle with more scrapbook paper on the back.  Making a tag for each month I enjoy displaying them and then tuck each one in a box to bring out the next year.
Cutting the floral graphics from vintage greeting cards, I combined them with the little gal from Imagimeri, there's a link on my sidebar to her amazing blog and collection of graphics.  Garnish with a couple of silk flowers and she sits on the shelf with her feet hanging in the breeze. 
This little Easter greeting with the hopped up bunny was made by Sandy 521 Lake Street! 
Easter time, all pastel and happy with dresses and bonnets, shiny new patent leather shoes and sunrise church service and the celebration of life.  He is risen indeed!


  1. So sweet! The monthly tags are a great idea I just might have to "borrow".


  2. Your April girl is really sweet. You are wrong about not needing talent to do tags. Your tags are beautiful and show off the talent you do have. You do have an artistic eye.

  3. Meri's graphics are amazing but its what we do with them that make her smile. You have done a beautiful job. Love your lefton lovely. A memory of the past...smiles...Renee

  4. Your tags are so cute. I love making them too.

    Happy Easter!

  5. That darling with the floral border is one swinging gal! So, so, so cute. Love you Lefton girl almost as much as the sweet story of your cake baking granny!

  6. Those are so sweet.

    My sister decorates beautiful cakes, too. It amazes me what she can do. Her cakes are not only pretty but taste the best, too.

  7. I get such great ideas when I see your paper craft. You do a great job on them.

    Love that Lefton figurine.

    Have a happy Easter!

  8. Oh you are soooo lucky to have those sweet little Lefton girls of your Grandmas! I just love the story attached to them! I bet they're very special to you. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a Happy Easter!


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