Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Precious Memories

Note the "sugar saving" suggestion 1944:  rationing days
My mom had primary colored Pyrex bowls;  why is recapturing items from my childhood so important?  For the last three years I have been searching for these precious pieces of Pyrex like nuggets of gold.  I found the big yellow one first; the popcorn bowl in my memories.  Last summer at one estate sale I found green and red!  The elusive blue could not to be found in my acceptable price range.  The thrill of the hunt I told myself as I went to every flea market with that bowl on my list.

Do you search the estate sale photos for something from your childhood memories?  I found IT last week. I persuaded Mr. Wonderful to go with me; two sets of eyes to find IT.  I told him the other items in the photo that IT was sitting by.  I made a run for the basement while he searched for a room with paneling; IT was in that room.  My quest in the basement (cinderblock walls in the background):  knee hugger elves. 

I went upstairs finding after only one elf, someone else had scooped the boys up.  I stopped in the kitchen where I found a recipe box, smelling of storage but full of 1940s recipes all written in the same beautiful handwriting.  Mine for $ 2.00!  A little bakelite syrup server for a quarter...bliss.
The cookies and cakes section of the recipe box was the fullest, a woman after my own heart!  We're dessert eaters here in Scandinavian territory.  I love all these little bonus recipe books found in the box.  And then I spied it, the Pyrex bowl for $ 5.00, my top price but at last, it was found!  
My Little Grama used to sprinkle clothes with a 7up bottle filled with water.  The bakelite topper is cracked but a $3.00 price tag brought back another precious memory.  When Grama would pick me up after her job at the bakery we went home and drank some coffee (mine 90% milk) and she ironed while we watched General Hospital.  I had forgotten that piece of Grama history until I saw the bottle at the sale.  I sat the bottle down next to my Grama's cookie jar, a Gay Fad treasure.  

Cards of buttons and a needle book to add to my craft stash.  Did you dump your Grama's button box and play with them?  I can't tell you what I would give to have one day with her, sorting buttons, playing hide the thimble and going to the park to feed the ducks.  I was her first grandchild, when I had my first one I took him to meet her.  It wasn't until then that I knew how lucky I had been; there's something magic about the first one.  

What price can you put on memories?  I spent $16.00 for a bowl, buttons, Christmas decorations, syrup pitcher, recipe box, a crocheted pillow case  and a vintage story book.  In reality, no price can be put on my precious memories but a few dollars can trigger them.


  1. My mom was not an ironer and my grandparents did not live close by.... BUT a neighbor had a 7-UP bottle that she sprinkled her clothes with. All your finds are wonderful, but the 7-UP bottle.... my favorite.


  2. Oh, what lovely treasures and memories!! That 7-Up bottle is pretty neat! ;) xo Heather

  3. I remember my Grandma Sprinkling the clothes with a bowl of water. She would dip her hand in it and then flick her fingers at the clothes! I am happy you are finding items to reflect your memories! I think it is such a great thing to do. I bet that recipe box has some really neat recipes! Can't wait for you to share one?

  4. I just LOVED reading your post. My Grandma was so special to me...just like yours was to you. The memory you have of drinking your coffee while she ironed, and watching General Hospital is so sweet.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Erica :)

  5. I really like the pyrex bowls. I have been putting sets together for some time now. The big yellow bowl reminds meof my mom using it to mix pumpkin pie filling. So each Thanksgiving, I make sure that I use one of mine. 5 dollars for the blue bowl is a good deal!
    My mom use to use a metal sprinkler on a pop bottle! I have one of her's but I don't remember what pop bottle she used most.
    Thank you for sharing some memories of yur grandmother! It was wonderful to read.

  6. I remember sprinkling the clothes for my Mom to iron. She used a Coke bottle. :) You got some real good buys! Loved your story.

  7. Wow! What great finds! I love finding childhood things that remind me of good times and loved ones. I find myself searching for old books that I remember reading when I was a kid. I was a reader (still am) and found great comfort & solace in a good book. When I find one in an antique or thrift store, it's like meeting up with an old friend again.

    I don't remember my grandma having a button jar, but we did get to play with Grandma's jewelry box. It was one of the highlights of our visits to her.

  8. Wow! Dilly dilly ... I loved it!

  9. Sometimes it is so hard to put into words and then someone does and it makes you smile and blink back tears at the same time. Thank you for finding the words. The General Hospital music always played in the background while my Mamaw had her fireking cup of coffee...Smiles...Renee

  10. I totally remember the 7up bottle in my grandmother's laundry room. She loved ironing. Thanks for the tip on Becky Kelly. I've already found a sweet print in her etsy store that I think we might need in the treehouse.

  11. Tammy, I just had to go back and read this post again...I swear we are almost the same person! Instead of coffee, Grandma Zetta made Postum. Instead of General Hospital, we watched Lawrence Welk. Zetta's bottle topper was tin...I just remembered that. Everytime you help me remember something, I feel so grateful. Thank you, sweetie!

  12. Wow! Lots of good items! I too have great memories of my mom using the big yellow Pyrex bowl as a "popcorn" bowl. She gave me the bowl a few years back and I use it AlL of the time!


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